Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Guide

As a stay at home mom, having the kids around sometimes is like a never ending nightmare.

You cringe whenever they move because you know they can cause havoc without due notice, and if left unattended to, they can literally turn the house upside down.

However, nothing comes close to the endless spills that I am always left to attend to.

Over the years, the mop served me well but my back had a different tale to tell. And so, I quickly opted to buy a good handheld vacuum that would take care of my misfortunes.

Unfortunately, the regular ones didn’t offer much help. I needed something more like it was on steroids. I needed a wet and dry handheld vacuum. So, how did I manage to find it? Simple, I followed these guidelines:

1. Wet and Dry Functionality

If you are planning on buying a vacuum machine with this functionality, ensure that it is clearly marked to offer that service. This is because some regular handheld machines may share similar features but will spoil on exposure to moisture.

2. Suction Power

Performance is without a fact the top feature to look out for in any vacuum cleaner. It is what will determine how well or how effective it will perform its function.

The main determining factor in this case lies with the motor voltage load.

The higher the load, the more powerful the handheld vacuum needs to be. Since the ones with wet and dry functionality require top notch performance, go for the vacuums with the highest voltage capacity.

3. Bag-less

Although many handheld cleaners employ bagged technology to store collected dust and dirt, it can’t be applied to wet/dry vacuum cleaners. This is because, the bag would get wet and clogged.

Therefore, ensure that machine you wish to purchase uses tightly sealed plastic containers to store dirt, dust and any other spills rather than in a bag.

4. Accessories

Having a vacuum alone does not guarantee you thorough cleaning whenever you vacuum surface or upholstery. Bundled tool attachments are extremely useful since they help it reach more places which your vacuum alone cannot dare to dream.

However, ensure that your desired vacuum does not have fixed attachments such as rotating brushes since it will hinder any liquid that would be sucked in.

Go for ones with narrow nozzles as this will also increase the uptake power.

5. Corded or Cord-less

Deciding between the two modes of accessing power falls solely on the vacuum’s main point of service.

If the wet dry vacuum is intended to be used in the car, a cordless one would be the ideal fit since it would be more portable. However, if it is meant to stay in the house, then a corded one would be the better option.

6. Weight

Have you ever tried carrying a log of wood on your back? How hard was it? Regrettably, some handhelds are known to weigh a ton despite them being depicted as being portable.

Cleaning after a heavy spill with an already heavy handheld machine is like adding salt to injury. The end result would be an extremely heavy to carry handheld vacuum. Therefore, make sure you go for the lightest vacuum cleaner around.

7. Capacity

Just like dust, spills can also easily fill up your storage tank. A good wet/dry handheld should therefore ensure that its storage cabinet is wide and dip enough to accommodate any dust and spillage without always forcing you to re-empty it.

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