Top 4 Vacuum Cleaners For Hard Floor Surfaces And Area Rugs

Hardwood Area RugHardwood floors are probably the best options for all types of homes and decors. People love to have wood flooring in their rooms because it’s elegant, durable and appealing. Wood has a unique natural beauty that ideally matches different furniture and settings. While some folks keep their wood floors bare, a majority of them prefer to cover it with rugs. In short, hardwood flooring and area rugs go hand-in-hand.

The problematic part is when you live in a large-sized house or a small apartment which is crowded with pets, senior citizens or a bunch of hyperactive kids. In such cases, cleaning up your floors and mats becomes hectic, time-consuming and quite challenging. Unfortunately, lint, hair, pet poop, toy beads, dirt, dust particles, food crumbs and liquid spills can easily ruin your carpets as well as floors.

Though a few old-fashioned homeowners prefer mop and broom arrangement, vacuum cleaners are perfect tools for cleaning carpets along with underlying floors. What’s more important is that you should look for easy-to-operate, sensible devices. Seek features like powerful suction, cyclonic action, easy steer technology, anti-allergy seals and pet cleaning tools in vacuums.

Here are the best vacuums for hardwood and area rugs:

1) Dyson DC40: This remarkable vacuum is based on new ball technology that allows quick steering of machine. Thus, you can easily change its course with a single flick of your wrist. It keeps dirt or dust away from your floors, thanks to the radial root cyclone technology. What’s more? It’s efficient engineering and smart cleaning technology prevents minute particles from clogging its airflow.

It features an extendable hose that reaches all the nooks and corners with minimal efforts. With this remarkable instrument, you can clean almost everything on floor and rugs, even fine hair, tiny beads and particles up to 0.5 micron. It’s a perfect cleaner for families that have hypersensitive individuals suffering from asthma or allergy.

2) Electrolux Oxygen 3 Ultra: Individuals suffering from various allergies prefer Oxygen 3 Ultra by Electrolux. This lightweight, adjustable vacuum easily moves from one surface to another, with a light flip of switch. It can automatically switch from bare floors to carpets and features adjustable settings for cleaning. Based on HEPA filtration technology, it readily picks up around 98% allergens and air-borne particles.

3) Eureka Boss Smart: Boss Smart is perfect for both hardwood and carpet. It includes an anti-scratch, fine-bristled brush for picking up dirt and debris on hardwood floors. There are larger brush bars for cleaning dust particles trapped within carpet fabric. Unlike other devices available at similar prices, this outstanding gadget contains powerful 12-amp motor and long power cords that cover large areas.

4) Bissell Steam Mop: Homeowners that have old hardwood floors as well as carpets in their home should opt for canister vacuums because the upright models come with large brushes that may scratch delicate wood surfaces. Fortunately, canister vacuums include soft-bristled brush to overcome this shortcoming.

The latest wet/dry steam mop by Bissell effectively eliminates the need for mops, brooms, dust pans or buckets. It generates strong suction force that eliminates dirt and debris from floors. You can readily swap between wet and dry modes for cleaning different surfaces.


If you own a large house which is packed with lots of items, you should opt for maneuverable models like Dyson DC40 or Hoover Linx. If you’ve kids, pets and allergy-prone individuals in home, you should buy models like Shark NV356E, Miele S2121 or Miele Flamenco for better filtration. To switch between bare floors and carpets, choose gadgets like Dirt Devil KRUZ, Dyson DC14, Hover Wind Tunnel and Hoover Platinum.

There are plenty of other options available online. You just need to compare their features and find the best device!

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