Why an Upright Vacuum Cleaner is The Right Choice For Every Home

A vacuum cleaner is an indispensable tool in the modern lifestyle. Modern homes need these versatile tools to clean carpets, rugs, flooring, tiles and electronic equipment. Development in the technology has resulted in a plethora of cleaners with wide diversity. It is quite difficult to choose the best one for household cleaning needs.

A cylinder vacuum cleaner (where the bag and motor is kept in a separate jar connected through a hose) is the nearest competitor. It is preferred by many people because of easiness and flexibility. However, upright vacuum cleaners score more marks for better cleanup energy. It compensates the flexibility of a cylinder machine. For many consumers, higher cleanup energy is the deciding factor and hence, upright is the right choice!

Upright Vs. Canister

Orange Upright Dyson Vacuum CleanerUpright vacuums are more attractive, slim and easy to store. Although these vacuums are heavier than the canister vacuums, but the cleaning quality compensates the pain of carrying the load. Modern uprights come with different attachments making it versatile and competitive with tube cleaners. With the huge variety of make and models, it becomes the first choice in the vacuum sector.

Cordless vacuums offer greater flexibility and you can do cleaning activities without worrying about the power connection. Some buyers like the upright design because you need not bend to adjust the controls or switching it on or off. These cleaners give less stress to the back and lower back. When you move from one surface to the other, it is not needed to change the heads manually.

Useful Tips For First Time Buyers

Here are some simple things to keep in mind that will help you select a better product:

  • Research about the features and design: Review and research a lot of material on the Internet before selecting a vacuum cleaner. Does the model get positive reviews? Is it referred by most of the buyers? Does it clean highly dusty rugs and carpets properly? Is the filter capable enough to suck high amount of dust and dirt? Get answers for such questions before moving forward.
  • Accessories: Buy a vacuum with useful accessories. Make sure the model offers useful attachments and tools. Check the quality of handles and brushes in the accessories.
  • Post-purchase support: Customer support and online help are the two important factors to consider. If you have authorized service center in the town, then it is possible to get quick service. Check for the round-the-clock customer helpline service.
  • Weight: Weight of the machine is another important criterion. Although upright machines are heavier as compared to the other types, but you can select the lightest model in the available lot. Lighter models are also available for moderate level of dust and dirt.

Selection of the perfect vacuum cleaner depends on various factors. Levels of debris or dirt and frequency of cleaning are two important factors. Buy it after a thorough research and enjoy a sparkling clean home!

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