Are Stick Vacuums Any Good For Dealing With Pet Hair?

Orange Stick Vacuum CleanerI believe that owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, having their hair all over the house.. isn’t.

Dealing with massive amounts of hair can be a real challenge sometimes. But, if you have the right pet hair vacuum, tidying up will be no hassle.

A pet vacuum is pretty much a standard vacuum with features that target messes caused by pets. They usually come equipped with a brush-bar to pull animal hair from carpets, and adequate suction power to remove embedded pet hair from hardwood floors. These types of vacuums also do not clog easily.

Below are some tips to help you find a suitable cleaner:

  • Research on the different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market before making any purchases. The available types include stick, robotic, and central vacuums, among others. When comparing the different types, make sure to take your unique situation into consideration.
  • Vacuums that are attached with multi-layered bags are very efficient. They reduce the chances of transferring dirt from the cleaner.
  • Find out the power rating of the vacuum. The power rating not only reflects the amount of electricity drained, but it’s also important to determine it’s ability to pick up hair that might be embedded into the ground.
  • You should consider the price and maintenance cost of the machine too. Some have a high price tag with a low maintenance cost, while others, vice versa. Always take both the price tag, and the maintenance cost into consideration.
  • Some technical problems require local technicians, while others require specialized technicians. This usually applies more for the high-end machines.

Stick Vacuums

These vacuums are handy for cleaning up hair, dirt, and spills from low-pile rugs and hard surfaces. You can get both corded, and cordless designs for these. While most of them lack the function, and power, of a full upright vacuum, they have great potential to keep your home clean. Here are some benefits of using Stick vacuums:

  • They have a slim profile and are lightweight. They are appealing to most people who do not want to pull around a hefty upright cleaner. They allow quick-clean ups since they are easy to transport around the house.
  • They usually have motorized brushes which can be turned on and off easily. This enables you to clean fur, or dirt that are most encrusted on the carpet.
  • They are economical and easy to store away.
  • Corded stick vacuums are less costly to buy.
  • It’s easy to replace battery if you decide to buy a cordless stick vacuum instead.
  • There are several brands available to choose from with price tags ranging from low to high, depending on their specifications.
  • These types of vacuums can be very useful for cleaning up animal hair. However, it might be necessary to clean messes as often as you can before it piles up. Once the hair is piled or engrained into the floor, it becomes a lot harder to get rid of it; at least with a stick vacuum. The slim and convenient profile makes it easy to clean your home regularly and stop fur from spreading before it gets out of control.

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