How to Clean Hardwood Floors Using Steam

Hardwood flooring is a common preference for those who love natural beauty, quality, and durability. With proper care and maintenance, it can last a century and without going out of style. It is also the best choice for those suffering from allergies because it does not trap dust, and other particles that may trigger an attack. Thus it is a sound investment that is worth safeguarding to ensure optimal benefit.

Hardwood floor is easy to clean as it does not accumulate or absorb dust. Weekly cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors is fast and easy with the most recommended steam cleaning equipment. Here are care instructions that must be strictly followed to protect and preserve hardwood floors before using steam cleaners:

  1. Keep the floor free from dust and particles to prevent scratching. This can be done by sweeping with a fine broom or duster.
  2. Make sure that your hardwood is completely sealed. Water or moisture from the steam cleaner can seep into leaks, cracks, or worn out spots of your floor that can cause discoloration and warping due to dampness.
  3. Check your machine for general care instructions before using it on your floor. Make sure that you are using the cleaner that is most compatible with the kind of hardwood you are using.
  4. If your hardwood flooring comes with a manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty, or is still covered by the warranty period, read carefully to know whether steam cleaning is included in the explicit acts that will void the warranty.

Now, you are ready to use your steam cleaner. Here are some suggestions on ways to clean hardwood using steam.

  1. Make sure your steamer’s water canister is clean before filling it up with hot water. In most cases there is no need to use a cleaning solution, but if you think you need some cleaning solution to remove tough dirt, choose a cleaning solution with a neutral pH to protect your floor from damage.
  2. Clean the steamer’s filter and keep it in place.
  3. Position the canister properly and heat the water to hot steam.
  4. Release the steam by pushing the cleaner forward and pull it back to wipe the floor the steamer’s cleaning pad. Take care not to push so hard to prevent heavy friction that may cause some stress on the floor.
  5. Work from side to side starting from one corner until the whole floor is systematically cleaned. Make sure that your strokes are quick and light to prevent unnecessary stocking or seeping of liquids into your floor.

Shop and invest on the best and safest steam cleaner for your hardwood floor. There is a steamer that works without chemicals and is recommended for people with asthma or for those who are for environmentally friendly products. Lightweight steamers are user friendly and comes with specially designed handles that reduces cleaning stress.

You can go online shopping and check the manufacturer’s recommendations before buying your desired steam cleaner. Steam cleaning hardwood floors can be safe, fast, and easy. Just do it right.

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