Quick Tips For Choosing Solid Wood Flooring At Home

A wonderful option for many homeowners today, solid wood flooring is beautiful and comfortable while being durable as well.  It requires less care than carpeting and is meant to last much longer.  It’s a great option for those whose floors take a beating, whether from kids or pets or just from typical high traffic.  But wanting and knowing what to choose for your own home can be two entirely different things!  So how can you make your decision easier?


One concern that many have when it comes to the environment, is that wood needs to come from somewhere, and many homeowners are not interested in adding to the problems of deforestation simply for their homes to look good.  An option in a case like this would be bamboo, as it is a hearty type of wood that grows plentifully.  There are some types of bamboo plants that actually grow three feet in one day!  As an option, bamboo comes in many different shades and finishes so you’re sure to find one that you would love.

Keep Away From Moisture

It looks great in every room of the house, but it’s important to remember that all wood is sensitive to moisture.  This means that in the humid summer months moisture can cause the wood to expand, and in the dry months it can shrink somewhat.  When someone installs wood floors, they need to leave the appropriate gap between planks for when it does expand.  Also, it’s never recommended that you install in a basement or directly over concrete no matter the vapor barrier you use.  There is typically too much moisture that builds up in these areas.  If you must have the look of wood floors in the basement, shop for tiles that resemble wood; they are more waterproof and appropriate for below ground floors.


Most contractors recommend you use only name brand when installing this in your home.  This is because some manufacturers will use cheaper types of wood and poorer milling processes.  These floors will then buckle and crack over time.  Spending a little bit more money on a better brand with better quality is going to be an investment in your home and will save you money in the long run.


And to maintain that once you install it, be sure to refinish it is as recommended by the manufacturer.  This will keep it water resistant and will help it to build up a shine and a polished look.  Refinishing and putting down sealant or other coatings will keep your floors looking new for years to come; this is always recommended as opposed to waiting until the scuff marks are too deep to repair.  If you need other recommendations for keeping your solid wood flooring looking like new, ask the manufacturer or your installer; they’ll no doubt be happy to help.

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