Small Vacuum Cleaners: Are They Any Good?

Sometimes the best things in life come in small packages and this applies to vacuum cleaners as well. They are used to do our dirty work, but should not fight against us our the quest for cleanliness. Manufacturers have heard our pleas and begging for a smaller and more efficient tool, so there are plenty of great models to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

Go, Go, Gadget Robot!

Small Sized Robot VacuumIf you are looking for futuristic technology, then this machine is for you. Robotic vacuums are a fairly new invention in the marketplace and virtually do all the vacuuming for you! This probably sounds a little too good to be true, but they really do exist and offer the following features:

  • Rubber bumpers: These bumpers will protect your furniture from getting dinged and damaged.
  • Docking stations: It will automatically return to the docking station when the battery needs to be charged!
  • These vacuums are programmable! You can show them where it needs to clean and program it to the time of your preference.
  • Empty Me! light: It will alert you when the dirt compartment needs to be emptied.

These vacuums are still fairly new and therefore, can be quite costly. You will need to consider if the technology is worth the investment.

The Great and Mighty Stick

Lean and mean, these vacuums have some great cleaning power and are very compact so they can be stored in event the smallest of spaces. You can snag one of these up at your favorite department store for as little as $20.00 and there are many great styles and colors available. Some stick vacuums can do double duty and break down to be used as hand vacuums as well. The stick cleaner is perfect for cleaning small areas and the cracks and crevices of your home.

These cleaners are lightweight and can be transported all over your home with ease, no maneuverability issues to worry about. Most models now also come with collection canisters, so the need to replace bags is eliminated. To make your cleaning experience as effective as it can be, research the models you are interested in to make sure they come with the proper attachments; some are sold as is with limited accessories included.

Play Ball!

Roller ball vacuums are gaining in popularity for many due to their maneuverability. Turning and pivoting on a ball axis, these cleaning machines can twist and turn with very little effort by you! The ball axis allows for this cleaner to go around a corner without the several motions that it takes with a regular cleaner so it makes less work when you have a room with lots of furniture.

If you have pets who love to leave hair behind as tokens of their affection, many roller ball models come equipped with power suction and detachable hoses so you can get to the couches and other small crevices of your home. This model also comes equipped with a collection canister so you do not have to worry about replacing bags.

To find the best small vacuum for your cleaning needs, it is important to do all of your research first. From alien technology, such as the robot, to the traditional stick; there are many great brands and styles out there and they all have their own unique selling points.

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