Why I Bought a Shark Stick Vacuum For My Mother

Most of the people who have done a bit of research on the Shark stick vacuum know of their remarkable resourcefulness and ease of use, but those who have already used these floor cleaners are also aware of the remarkable price/value ratio they present.

Quite recently, I bought a new Shark vacuum for my mother, who just couldn’t use her old upright anymore because of her back problems. It didn’t take long before the enhanced architecture, lighter construction and improved features of Shark’s high quality cleaner became quite obvious, helping her work much easier in every respect.

A Light and Manageable Cleaning Tool

Although Shark machines are not always a preferred option if you want the most powerful on the market, they can work wonders if you simply need a light, practical and easy to use unit that won’t let you down in your time of need. And that’s exactly what my mom needed.

Shark Stick VacuumOne of the features I was sure my mother would really enjoy was the Shark “backsaver” folding handle, which works wonders when you have back problems and you’re trying to take care of some of the excess dust and debris gathered behind or underneath your sofa or bed.

Another useful and highly convenient characteristic that some of these vacuums are fitted with is the ability to change power settings depending on the type of surface you want to clean. Different settings can be applied for carpets, rugs and hardwood floors, and many Shark vacuums are even made to sweep out crevices and ensure that not even the smallest amount of debris is left behind.

Finally, with a number of highly recommended stick cleaners getting lots of 4 and 5-star reviews, I was more than certain of Shark’s capability to build a machine that was sturdy, reliable, extremely easy to use, clean, and maintain in the long run.

Easy Maintenance Tasks

Most manufacturers pay special attention to the tasks that users have to perform when cleaning or keeping their vacuums in top shape. You will often find, however, that even the simplest activities such as cleaning a brush or emptying a dust cup can prove to be problematic when you buy the wrong vacuum.

With the new Shark vacuum that I bought for my mother, however, these tasks became extremely easy to handle. Even though she isn’t very tech savvy, she found that emptying the tray was much easier than in the case of her old bagged upright cleaner. Also, the removal of dust gobs, hair and dirt from the brush wasn’t difficult at all, even though she did require a bit of assistance with that.

The convenient and straightforward techniques required for cleaning a Shark vacuum can keep the unit working in top shape for more than 4-5 years.

So, even though we have a quite affordable cleaner on our hands that seemingly can’t compare to the “big shots” of the industry, this cleaner has behaved admirably ever since I bought it, and my mother is more than thrilled to use it all the time in her regular cleaning routine.

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