Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Shark Steam Cleaner

If you’ve ever mopped your floors, then took a peek inside the water bucket, you know how disgusting that water can get. Then we re-dip the mop in that water and continue to “clean” our floors. We’re actually not cleaning our floors, we’re spreading that dirty water all over the place!

There is a much better option, and that’s to use a steam cleaner. There are a myriad of reasons why using a Shark steam cleaner is so much better than a mop. Here are my top three.

1. It Is Light, Powerful, and Convenient!

Shark Steam CleanerShark’s are very light and easy to manage. I can run around my furniture and near my walls without having to work too hard. I rarely have to stop and drop to my knees with a spray bottle and a towel. The Shark cleans very well.

As for convenience, I remember having to first vacuum the floors with a very heavy machine. Next, I would mop with that (eventual) gross bucket of water. Finally, I would finish up by using a chemical spray and push mop. Talk about a chore! Now, I use one machine and my floors are cleaner than they’ve ever been. And my arm is no longer aching from pushing around a giant vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning with steam has made a huge difference with the amount of time I’ve spent cleaning, but it has also kept me and my family healthier. According to some resources online, all you need is 15 seconds of contact with a surface and you will eliminate harmful germs and bacteria, such as e coli, salmonella and more. It’s nice to know that as I watch my daughter roll around on the floor near the dogs–and then stick her fingers in her mouth.

2. The Shark Can Be Used On A Multitude of Surfaces.

> Stone> Ceramic> Marble> Vinyl> Linoleum> Even Some Hardwoods (see your hardwood manufacturer for advice)

My favorite place to clean with it would be in my bathrooms. Two of these rooms are upstairs, so again, as I drag it up the stairs, I’m thankful for the light weight of the machine. Cleaning the floors around my toilet and tub is a much more pleasant experience versus getting on my knees with my face right in the bowl!

3. No Steaks, Residue, Or Chemical Odors.

Whenever I would use the old mop and bucket, I always left streaks. Even when I tried to hand clean, I wouldn’t get that streak-free surface I was after. Using steam to clean was what did the trick for me and kept my floors looking slick.

Using other chemicals to clean always left a thin pasty residue. I am so glad that is gone. Steam is simply water. Water dries without leaving a residue behind.

Finally, my favorite feature is the microfiber cloth. Why? It’s washable and reusable! If I find that the cloth is building up with dirt I can simply replace it with a fresh clean cloth and keep on going. Also, choosing to use a Shark portable steam cleaner has also saved me a lot of time, kept me and my family freer from illnesses, and has added convenience and power to my cleaning.

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