What’s Great About SEBO Compact Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuumed CarpetSEBO Vacuum cleaners company has been established in the late seventies, when their first products were created by a group of German engineers.

Since that time, their reputation is increasing and today they’ve turned into probably one of the most well-known vacuum cleaner firms worldwide.

Still the company’s objective is to create a really inexpensive vacuum with the best results possible, and the numerous improvements made over time support the firm’s commitment to advancement.

It takes only a short looking at some testimonials to get a good idea of the amount of ability as well as performance which one get from even the most compact SEBO vacuums.

SEBO Felix

For hypersensitivity patients, the very best critiques usually mention the S class (HEPA) purification, micro-molecular filtration, as well as exhaust filters you’re going to get from a SEBO Felix.

Actually, pet lovers can immediately enjoy how effectively a SEBO Felix vacuum may take airborne dirt and dust and also scents out of the surroundings, and individuals with allergic reactions can inhale and exhale a lot easier in the their houses.

The SEBO Felix is extremely light and portable, however comes with a robust engine which has the capacity to supply all of the suction necessary to boost air via probably the most effective 3-step purification techniques you can actually find.


For the closest point to style you may get with a vacuum, the SEBO x4 bagged upright vacuum cleaner is frequently praised as offering you the best bargain to purchase. A SEBO x4 employs a 12? operating size and 1300 water engine to enable automatic features just like elevation as well as swiftness when you vacuum around different materials. The SEBO x4 Extra provides a lot more capabilities, however does not sacrifice quality, since it presents each of the user-friendly features of many other types.

SEBO Essential G1

One more particularly automated unit is the SEBO Essential G1, which includes automated sensing regarding shoes, full totes, as well as alterations for floor coverings and size. The ergonomic hand-grip reduces muscle tiredness and strain, which in turn makes the whole work appear less difficult. There is on-board storage space for equipment, which is including the crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, as well as a dusting brush.

Along with the entire capabilities, it is definitely obvious to see why those German-made devices receive this kind of positive reviews. They are simple to work with, light-weight to take care of, as well as the automated versions take a lot of the specific work away of employing them. SEBO vacuum cleaners are one of the better floor cleaners for the evident reason that they provide a lot more than many other suppliers do.

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