Does Roomba Actually Work For Animal Hair?

Just a glance at how the Roomba iRobot works diligently to pick up dirt would make anyone think that robots have already acquired enough intelligence to take over human chores perfectly.

The overall positive reviews of Roomba show that people are amazed to have a disc circle around their house with pre-programmed setting to clean nearly everything.

The biggest concern for pet owners is whether Roomba can effectively clean animal hair or not.

Here are some facts you may not know:

1. Can clean effectively even though it’s promoted as a supplemental product

It comes with a three-stage cleaning system to remove animal hair from different surfaces like carpet, hardwood, linoleum, and tiled floors. Its counter rotating movement allows it to reach dig deep into carpet and rugs to gather debris evenly into its bin.

2. Can detect dirt and pet hair

The pet series of Roomba comes with dirt detection to pick up more effectively with its extra side brushes, beater brushes, and bristle brushes. But, the downside is that it has anti-tangle technology causing it sometimes fail at removing hair wound up in electrical cords. Sometimes, you have to manually intervene and remove the tangles. It happens the same with rug tassels.

3. Removing long strands from the brushes can be a chore

If there are long strands, it winds up around the cylindrical brushes and the bearings. So, removing long strands can be a chore even using its brush-cleaning tool. Otherwise, emptying the bin is a snap.Pet Hair on Roomba Vacuum Brush


4. May sometimes fail to detect scattered messes

Roomba comes with a technology to detect heavy dirt and clusters of hair. So, if there are clumps of pet fur or dirt, the task is straightforward. This means it is designed to sense heavy dirt. But, Roomba, sometimes, fails to detect scattered hair that aren’t concentrated in one place. This means there could be solitary areas that it simply goes by.

Because of this, you may have to manually inspect certain areas and clean up hair or dirt yourself. However, you could also use its virtual wall technology to clean specific areas.

5. Brushes require regular cleaning

Long hair wraps around the axle area and brushes. So, if you don’t frequently clean them, the brushes stop moving and it could simply start moving around without doing anything. Clean the brushes regularly.

6. Roomba hates dark floors

If you have dark floors or oriental rugs with dark corners, it simply circles around and won’t bother to clean it sometimes. Troubleshooting section of Roomba’s website does mention that it won’t work on very dark floors.

It does seem to work very effectively on carpets though. But, when it comes to plain hardwood floors, it sometimes fails to pick up strands of fur. This might be because the brushes are designed to dig into carpets, and this can’t happen with wood floors.

In conclusion, the Roomba can be quite useful if you monitor it a bit and use it after or in between your regular clean-up sessions.

If your pet sheds too much, Roomba requires frequent, thorough cleaning before using. If your situation is more severe than normal, Roomba might not be the best option. Consider looking into a more powerful pet hair vacuum.

Which Roomba Is Best For Dog Hair?

Five years have passed since the Roomba 560 cleaning bot was released by Roomba. While in operation, this autonomous cleaner underwent numerous firmware revisions but there were no significant technical changes.

iRobot Automatic VacuumNevertheless, it continued to be regarded as a highly recommended option and was the most practical of options in the iRobot series.

With the announcement of the launch of the Roomba 650 as a successor to the 560, there was something to look forward to for the fans of home-cleaning bots.

The Roomba 650 from iRobot is the best robot vacuum for most users. Easy to operate and capable of functioning on carpets and bare floors alike, all unnecessary features that primarily drive up prices in most other bots are left out from this one.

Similarly, when something goes wrong, as is inevitable and expected from such cleaning devices, its easy-to-service and fully modular design allows for repairs rather than a complete replacement.

If you have pets in your home and love them but do not wish to tackle the mess of pet hair, then surely you are in need of a pet hair vacuum. Moreover, if you are looking for a cleaning bot that will help you with the process, then there is a wide array of choices at your disposal. So which Roomba is best for dog hair? Undoubtedly, the iRobot Roomba 650  is equally adept at cleaning the hairy mess that your beloved four-legged furry friend may leave behind. Let us take a look at some of its important features.

Features and Product Specifications

This vacuum undertakes a run of your floor at the push of a button or as per the schedule. Featuring a three-stage cleaning technology that has been patented by the manufacturers, this cleaner removes pet hair from hardwood floors, laminate surfaces, tiles and carpets. Maximized cleaning results are produced by the AeroVac technology which helps result in a more even occupancy of the bin and less amount of tangles on the bristles.

Helps vacuum the floor thoroughly

It is capable of cleaning debris, hair, dust and dirt from all types of surfaces, making auto adjustments to suit the surface type while cleaning around the house. Its AeroVac technology allows it to handle tough fibers such as carpet fuzz, lint, pet fur and hair. The features that help provide better cleaning are as follows:

  • Three-stage cleaning system, patented by iRobot: While a spinning side brush removes dirt from the edges of walls, the counter-rotating brushes help in picking up pet hair, debris, dust and dirt from all floor surfaces. Its efficient vacuum system pulls off hair and dirt from the cleaning brushes and into the collecting bin.
  • AeroVac technology: This technology features an optimized airflow, pulling hair off from the brushes and guiding it all down towards the posterior of the AeroVac bin. Thus the collecting bin fills in more evenly and you are required to empty it less frequently.
  • Improvement on the brush design: An optimized airflow and an improved brush design mean that more amount of hair gets pulled off from the brushes and into the collecting chamber or AeroVac bin. With less amount of hair on the brushes, it is able to clean more efficiently while also being capable of operating for longer hours.

Every section of your floor gets multiple cleaning runs

The iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology is an advanced system of sensors and software designed exclusively for it. At a rate of more than sixty times per second, the robot chooses from an array featuring dozens of varying robotic behaviour. This way, the cleaning bot is capable of thoroughly cleaning a larger segment of your room, making multiple cleaning runs over every section of the cleaning area. It is capable of moving along wall edges and getting around and under furnitures with ease. It navigates through loose wires, follows walls and avoids stairs so that you get the maximum performance out of it every time you switch it on.

Cleans your house either at the push of a button or as per schedule

The Roomba 650 is designed such that you, as the user, is not unduly inconvenienced. A simple push of the CLEAN button or a suitable schedule is all that is required for the device to start cleaning. In between its cleaning runs, the robot returns to its charging station so as to regain its battery power. Such features as Virtual Wall Technology and On-Board Scheduling further help in making the vacuuming experience a convenient one.


  • It is so silent in operation that it can clean your room while you sleep.
  • It has a powerful suction that is capable of removing even the most stubborn hair from all surfaces.
  • Can be maintained and cleaned easily.
  • It can navigate most surfaces and transitions from one type of surface to another without any incident.


  • Charging time is significantly longer compared to the other cleaning bots.
  • There is no battery meter to display the remaining amount of charge.
  • It operates best in clearly defined spaces.

Final Verdict

Capable of lifting clingy dirt and hair thanks to a powerful suction motor, the Roomba 650 Robot vacuum cleaner does a commendable job of helping you in maintaining a clean surrounding inside your home. A lightweight cleaning appliance with a patented vacuuming technology, it does a great job of helping you clean up after your pets. Moreover, the strong suction capacity works hard for maintaining the cleanliness of your floors so that you don’t have to bother about doing so.

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