Hoover Linx Cordless

Hoover Linx Cordless

The Hoover Linx stick vacuum is a large and hard to store vacuum cleaner since it measures approximately 42 by 8 by 11 inches. This means that the homeowner must have a specific storage space assigned. However, even with its significant height, it is still lightweight, as well as versatile. The main feature why this is considered to be an efficient cleaning machine is that it is cordless since it uses a fade free lithium-ion battery.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick VacuumThis means that it has enough battery life stored for quick passes and even a full house cleaning. This is further enhanced with the addition of a fuel gauge that indicates how much battery power is left. It can be used for multiple accidental dry spills, as well as the cyclonic cleaning core for a deep house cleaning.

Some consider it difficult to use especially for hard to reach areas under the sofa or bed. However, this perception is mitigated by the inclusion of the extreme recline handle, which allows for under the table or bed cleaning. The reason for the better cleaning power is the use of rotating brushes and the three suction tunnels, which lifts up and traps the dirt. This allows for a deep-down cleaning even if the homeowner has a thick plush carpet installed in the home.

The Hoover Linx can easily clean from carpets to hardwood floor with a touch of a button. The one-touch button at the vacuum handle is used to turn off the brush roll so that the hardwood floors do not incur accidental scratches. This is enhanced with the cordless design since the homeowner do not need to plug and unplug the stock vacuum when moving from room to room. This is because of the interchangeable 19-volt Lithium Ion battery, which can be used until it is fully drained. The included battery charger is energy efficient since it accelerates the charging time so that the homeowner can use it as soon as possible.

This stick vacuum is perfect for homes with hardwood floors since it uses soft non-marring rear wheels. The design of the stock vacuum is hardwood floor friendly even when standing upright or when reclined. But the best feature is that it only weighs a little over 7 ¼ pounds. Another favorable feature is that it can be used by people with varying heights due to the auto height adjustment.

It is advised by the manufacturer to unplug the battery when it is stored. This will maximize the life of the battery, as well as prolong the use of the Hoover stick vacuum. Unfortunately, the main problem with this vacuum is that it is bagless, which is perceived to be more difficult to clean but is mitigated by the inclusion of the bottom release dirt cup.

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