Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40100

Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40100

The Dirt Devil SD40100 Featherlite vacuum is seen to be an effective and efficient cleaning machine with its cyclonic filtration process. The reason for this is that the filtration process separates dirt into various sizes ensuring that even the smallest speck of dirt is sucked in.

Dirt Devil Featherlite Vacuum CleanerThis filtration process makes it a versatile cleaner for hardwood floors. This is because the bare floor nozzle has a retractable brush which prevents dirt from scattering even with a straight suction.

The combination crevice and dusting brush are perfect for cleaning tight spaces such as corners or inside cabinets or closets. The main advantage of purchasing the SD40100 is that it has a bottom empty dirt cup, which means that dirt will easily fall from the bottom of the dirt cup into the trash instead of upending it with the traditional vacuum cleaners. This minimizes dirt from coating the hands and arms of the homeowner making cleaning more efficient.

The Dirt Devil is considered to be a compact design with the dimensions of 12 by 16 by 11.5 inches. This makes it easier to store even in small spaces such as the pantry or the closet due to the fact that the long hose is easily detached from the motor, as well as the nozzle. The long hose is also the reason why it’s versatile since the nozzle can be lifted for above floor cleaning such as stairs.

This canister vacuum is more appropriate for homeowners who do not want to bend over when cleaning since one of the foot petals is the on and off switch while the other is the automatic cord rewind. The advantage of the automatic cord rewind petal is that it makes storage easier since the cord is hidden inside. This is also practical for homeowners who have multi-level homes since it can be easily carried from room to room due to the listed weight of less than 10 pounds.

Unfortunately, the Dirt Devil SD40100 only has a 16 foot cord, which limits the cleaning area. Therefore, it is best if the homeowners use an extension cord in order to reach and clean larger spaces. The canister vacuum has an upholstery tool included with the kit since it is primarily used for cleaning stuffed furniture such as sofas, cushions and even the carpets and small rugs for stray pet hairs or pet food.

It uses a HEPA filter, which blocks dust and common allergens by 99.97%. The HEPA filter is also washable and makes the canister vacuum a more cost effective cleaning tool since it prolongs the life of the filter. This means that the homeowner is secure in the knowledge that the home will be efficiently cleaned while the hardwood floors are protected with its rubberized wheels.

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