How to Get Pledge Off Hardwood Floors

Maple Hardwood FloorWell, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Moved into my new apartment, a charming 1920s duplex with hardwood floors. They looked a tad dull, so I thought, Pledge furniture polish! It made my dining room table gleam, why not the floor?

I sprayed it on liberally and rubbed the floor with a nice microfiber dust mop until I could almost see my reflection in the shine.

An Unexpected Ride

I was in bare feet at the time I polished the floors. Fast-forward 12 hours, and I’m in sock feet, padding to the kitchen to get a late-night snack. The moment I stepped into the hallway, my feet flew out from under me as if I were walking on ice! In the second before my bum hit the floor, I realized I’d made a big mistake!

Guess it goes without saying now, but furniture polish on a floor is a hazard. It’s way too slick. Many also complain that even without the slip hazard, furniture polish can get gummy and hazy — exactly the opposite of how you want your floor to look. Generic Ambien online

But if you made my mistake and can still walk, or if someone got overzealous with furniture dusting and Pledge wound up on the floor, there are a few tricks that can remedy the situation.

The Vinegar Method

First, put on some non-slip shoes and give the floors a good dusting. Then head to your kitchen and make the following concoction in a bucket:

  • 1 gallon hot water
  • 1-2 cups white vinegar

Damp mop (never leave standing water on your hardwood!) and let dry. If you are cleaning a large area, try mopping in sections and then towel-drying. This can keep the floor from getting spotty or streaky.

Some home cleaning experts, however, caution against using vinegar on hardwood. You should probably do a test patch first in a hidden area, such as underneath a couch. If you have any doubt about the vinegar method, or if you discover your floor can’t handle it, you can always try …

The Tea Method

Boil one or two tea bags in a liter (or quart) of water for five minutes. Remove from heat and let it cool. This is not enough liquid for a full mop bucket, so try applying the tea with a clean cloth, thoroughly wrung out. Apply, wipe, repeat, rinsing often. Finish off with a clean cloth to buff dry. Modafinil 200 mg online

For larger areas, just increase the recipe and use a slightly damp mop, followed by a drying cloth, working the floor section by section.

What You Should Use on Your Floor

If you are new to hardwood flooring, ask your landlord/prior owner or a hardwood flooring expert about your floors and how to best maintain them. Depending on the floor’s finish, all you may need is regular sweeping and light damp mopping, or you might need some extra products to keep the floor looking its best.

And, incidentally, Pledge does make a hardwood floor cleaning product. But for most well-sealed hardwood floors, you don’t need any fancy product to keep the floor looking its best. In fact, hardwood may be the easiest floor surface to take care of. Provided you don’t make my mistake!

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