What to Look For in a Powerful Handheld Vacuum

A powerful handheld vacuum is usually considered as the best cleaning companion due to its portability and functionality. Though most of them may have limitations in terms of power, technological advancements are to be praised for development of very reliable handheld vacuums. Here are important properties to consider:

1. Weight and Portability

The weight and portability is the main reason that has got every homeowner interested in owning a handheld cleaner. For it to perform its cleaning duties optimally, it should have a weight that is comfortable enough to carry, move around with or lift without causing injuries or pain.

It should also be portable enough in terms of the length of the extension cord which should be at least 20 feet. These two properties enable the vacuum to reach crucial and hard-to-reach areas.

2. Power options

For corded machines, you should consider the length of the cord as it will have to be plugged to the mains supply throughout your cleaning. You shouldn’t be limited from cleaning the stairway just because of a short cord.

Power Dyson Handheld VacuumCordless handheld vacuums on the other hand, depend on rechargeable battery power for their operation thus battery capacity is an essential property to consider. Battery life and capacity greatly affect the power and performance as they dictate the suction power of the machine.

Most average vacuums last between 5 to 30 minutes before having to be recharged. thus battery/capacity will also determine how long you can perform your cleaning.

3. Suction Power

Suction power usually depends greatly on the power of the motor. A powerful motor means great suction power and a vacuum that is equipped with a dual-motor may also be considered.

Choosing a handheld machine with optimal suction power means that it will be more functional as it will be able to juggle between cleaning a carpet without inhaling its fibers, sucking up pet hairs, cleaning furniture and inside your car without destroying upholstery and vacuuming hard surfaces like wooden floors.

4. Capacity of Dirt Bag

Though handheld vacuums are not meant to hold lots of dirt and debris, capacity of the dirt bag or dirt cup is an important property. You should consider using a handheld cleaner with a dirt-holding capability that will save you the hassle of having to empty every now and then.

5. Maintenance and Ease of Use

Owning a powerful handheld vacuum does not mean that you will have to suffer from depression due to its difficulty in usage. Not at all; you should choose a machine that is easier to use and maintain. In this case, you can choose a handheld machine that can be emptied at the press of a button rather than manually emptying the dirt cup or dirt bag.

It should also have well labelled controls and indicator lights to help you know when it is fully charged, when it’s running out of power or when it is charging. The handheld vacuum cleaner’s spares and service centers should also be easily accessible for easier repair and maintenance, and it should come with at least a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty in case of unexpected malfunctioning.

6. Extras

Some vacuum cleaners come equipped with extra features like attachments which include different brushes, nozzles, removable dirt bags, removable or adjustable handles and extension cords. These attachments will increase the functionality as it increases the number of surfaces that it can easily clean. Also to be considered are the filters like the HEPA filter that purify the air thus preventing allergies. Washable filters could also be a money-saving venture for you.

These six properties are a good recipe for finding a vacuum that combines beauty, resilience, portability, functionality and power.

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