The Pledge Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair

Pledge Fabric Sweeper BoxSo you’ve had a bad day at work, your car wouldn’t start, someone ate your lunch, and the printer ate the important papers your boss needed yesterday. Sounds like a great day to go pick up take out Chinese, a bottle of wine and lay on your boyfriends lap crying for hours.

Oh, that’s right, you don’t have a boyfriend anymore, he dumped you for your co-worker that ate your lunch and parks her brand new BMW right next to your 12 year old hand me down.

Instead, you have the cute little kitten your mother decided to get you from the animal shelter because she felt sorry for you. Well, that and she thought you would have better luck keeping a cat than you do a boyfriend.

Now it’s just you and Gretel. Your mother named her this hoping it would help if she were to get lost. You tried your best to tell your mother there was a reason you didn’t already own a pet, you didn’t want your house infested with cat hair. You hate cats, all cats.

But guess what? Mommy dearest is one step ahead of you; she has a care package all ready for you. Gretel has all she needs and you, well, you have ample cleaning equipment.

The Bag of Wonders

After you pry the cat’s claws out of your skin and run your mother off, you decide to look to see what all was in the bag. The one thing you were not going to put up with was cat hair. Then you wonder, did your mom forget your were allergic to cat hair? Clearly it slipped her mind. Didn’t she remember those trips to the ER?

You really want to like Gretel but the hair she is leaving on your pink sofa is really starting to bother you, a lot. That’s not true, you’re never going to like Gretel, ever…

There in the bag was some sort of gadget, a hand held gadget that claims to be the pro at removing hair off furniture. Of course you laugh at the site of this thing. Not only is it small, but its disposable. What was your mother thinking?

Dynamite comes in small packages

You begin to read not noticing Gretel has made her way under your arm and you are unaware that you are petting her…

Pledge, as we know, is an outstanding product. So, needless to say when you read that this is a Fabric sweeper for pet hair made by Pledge, your level of excitement rises.

The pet hair sweeper is a MUST have for anyone with a cat, dog or any shedding critter. You simply use it until it fills up with hair then toss it in the garbage. That simple!

So what’s the catch? Well, you decide to look up the reviews on the product to see. The only complaint being that it IS small and that it IS disposable. Those that own one says it performance is so outstanding they would love to have one that last longer. One, being a permanent fixture of the home, like the coffee pot.

The pet sweeper is made of two rollers designed to pick up lint and hair. This is attached to a large plastic reservoir, where all the magic happens.

You simply roll the sweeper back and forth, over all the hair infested surfaces. The rollers pick up the hair sending it to the reservoir! Brilliant.

Pet Sweeper 101

Learning how to use the Pledge fabric sweep for pet hair can be tricky. You want to use it properly to make sure you get all it has to offer. For such a small product the endurance of its performance is outstanding. Who needs a vacuum cleaner for pet hair anyways when you have something like this at your disposal, right?

Where to use it

The following are places you can use your sweeper with great results.

  • Bedspread
  • Pillows
  • Chairs
  • Sofa
  • Car interior
  • Carpet
  • Clothes

The performance is quiet simple; the rollers grab the hair, lift, and then trap the hair inside. Getting any job done with the fabric sweeper is fast and easy. The performance is outstanding.

The biggest consumer complaint being that it is small and disposable. The fact that it does work excellent makes it fill up fast, making it not last very long.

So, you’ve read the package and the next thing you know you are happily sweeping your sofa while holding Gretel. She is however just a baby and needs to be held at all times. You also check your email to see when her engraved, trimmed in gold food dish will arrive.

Thanks to Pledge, you have fallen in love again, this time perhaps you can keep this relationship longer than 1 week. It was just one week, right?

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