How Pet Stain Remover Made My Life Easier

Dog at HomeI love my dogs. I consider them one of the family. This means they live inside the house with the rest of us humans. Even though we humans are perfect (yeah, right!), dogs sometimes make mistakes.

They pee a little when they get too excited.

They drag in “stuff” on their paws (gross stuff sometimes).

And they slobber.

If you think about all of the above getting stuck in your carpets and on your furniture, you might feel a little queasy. I know I do! Before I would find the nearest spray cleaner and go to town. Unfortunately, whatever I was using wasn’t doing the job. Stains would either not completely disappear or they would reappear over time. There’s a reason for that–I’ll get to that later.

It turns out, what I really needed was pet stain remover. The right one will make all the difference with how clean those pet messes actually get.

Pet Stain Removers Are Specially Formulated

Organic material from pets is practically impossible to “clean” away. You need a cleaner that is bio-enzymatic. It eats away at the organic messes your animals might leave. Regular cleaners don’t have those enzymes, therefore, micro-organisms stay in and on the surfaces and fabrics you’re trying to clean.

The Odor Never Leaves

One of my dogs eats grass. He loves it. He must be some kind of vegetari-dog! Once in a while, he will head over to the living room carpet and yack out a grass ball. Yes, it’s disgusting and thankfully rarely happens. Whenever he did do this, however, he seemed to do so at the exact same spot. It turns out, even though I thoroughly cleaned the previous messes, he could still smell a residual odor.

Now that I started using a real pet stain product, the odor is gone. When I hear that grass ball starting to come up and watch him sniff around trying to find the perfect yacking spot, I’m able to take him outside.

It Potty-Trains Your Dog!

If you’re struggling to teach your dog how to “go outside” and not in the house, it might be because you haven’t thoroughly removed the dogs previous bathroom mistakes. Maybe you’ve noticed how your puppy always goes to the same area of your house and sniffs around, preparing to evacuate is bladder or bowels. Yes, I remember the panic and rush trying to grab him or her and get outside before the deed. The reason why this is happening is because your dog can still smell the previous bathroom breaks.

This is why it is imperative that you use a high quality stain remover. It will remove all odoriferous traces. Your dog will be slightly confused as to why it can’t find it’s “regular” spot. THIS is how you train your dog. Now, you can teach your dog that the “regular” spot is on the grass or on the newspaper in the garage.

Should You Make Your Own Cleaner?

Some websites suggest making your own solution using chemical such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I recommend not doing so. You might succeed at eliminating all stains and odors, but you also might create a permanent stain or bleach mark that will never go away.

By a top notch pet stain remover that is tried, tested, and true and you will save yourself time and hassle.

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