Guide to Finding The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Dog HairWe all love our cats and dogs, those snuggly little balls of fur, but sometimes the fur part of the equation can be a real problem.

Not only does pet hair look unattractive on furniture, it also gets on your clothing and even in your food *yuck.*

Even worse, it can cause allergy related health problems and often induce allergy symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes and headaches.

So, to keep ourselves happy along with our little furry bundles of love, it’s important to choose the best vacuum for pet hair removal that you can find.

So, what makes a vacuum good for removing pet hair? There are several things that pet vacuums have that most regular vacuums do not. Here’s a list of what to look for in a good pet vacuum:

Best Pet Hair Vacuum Features

Suction Power

Unlike with most things, the more a vacuum “sucks”, the better it is. Maybe that’s a cheap joke, but it’s still certainly true.

Look at powerful vacuums like the Dyson’s Root Cyclone, which improve on the already powerful 12amps of power.

And if you have a lot of hardwood floors to vacuum in your home, then having a strong suction strength is even more important since beater brushes are out of the question (to avoid scratching).

Special Tools and Accessories

A good pet vacuum should come with a special bristle brush attachment to better comb out the hair from carpet and fabric. The openings/connections to these small tools should be wider and/or more flexible as well.

A vacuum wand or large floor tool is good for large surfaces like floors and curtains which seem to retain great amounts of dander. A small tool should also be included for getting between crevices or even for pulling hair from clothing.

Filtration System

Cat HairAs awesome as our pets are, having them in the home will create more allergens in the air. A good filtration system can help reduce these allergens.

Look for a HEPA or multi-stage filter, which can help reduce pet dander along with pesky pet hair.

Since dander is hard to see, but still affects you, it’s good to have a filtration system on your side. It’s also a good idea too to change this filter even more often than recommended since hair will likely clog it far faster than anything else.

Dirt Bin

A dirt bin, or enhanced bag, is designed to keep dirt, dander and hair contained so that it’s not re-deposited into air as you continue cleaning.

Deciding on Price and Quality

While you don’t absolutely have to get the best pet vacuum available, or even the most expensive models out there, keep in mind that most pet owners do tend to put more wear and tear on their vacuums.

Get what you can afford but don’t skimp either. Being too cheap with a vacuum can cost you more in the long run if you need to replace it too often.

The Shark Lift Away and Shark NV352 are both moderately priced vacuums with high ratings. iRobot and Dyson make even higher rated models, but they are more expensive.

If all else fails, make sure the store has a good return policy or buy a model that has a trial period. That way, at least you aren’t stuck with a lemon right from the start. Happy cleaning and happy pet owning to you all!