A Few Reasons Why I love My Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Being a cleanliness fanatic, I always endured a painfully gruesome cleaning experience whenever I consulted my broomstick and dust pan until I sort the services of a cylindrical vacuum. I immediately fell in love with it since I was able clean the house more effectively at an even faster rate.

I soon embarked on a mission to simplifier my cleaning experience by purchasing a mini portable vacuum cleaner to handle my other needs. Over the course of some time, I found that I used the mini vacuum more as my daily driver compared to any of the other options, and there are reasons for that.

1. Unbelievably Portable

I am always a big fan of things that can easily fit into the pocket or back pack and this is exactly what a mini handheld vacuum is best for. Whenever I need it, I just remove it from a small bag that I usually carry around, power it on and embark on an amazing easy cleaning journey with just a flick of a button. It is as easy as eating a pie.

2. Blow Out Feature

Mini USB VacuumAny ordinary electronics consumer knows for a fact that it is almost impossible to pick your desired product based on the marketing terms used by the various home appliances manufacturers without seeking professional or expert advice.

However, it doesn’t take rocket science to understand the value of a machine with a blow out feature; a functionality that drives off dust and animal hair from cracks or gaps in components such as keyboards and pianos by blowing them out as opposed to relying only on the traditional suction mechanism of most machines.

3. Attachment Bristle Brush

This also one of my favorite features. The vacuum comes bundled with a bristle brush that can be easily attached to it at any given time. The brush is capable of maneuvering through the various gaps and cracks on the floor or on electrical components and picking them out. It is also capable of picking out animal hair which can cause health issues on people with allergies without breaking a single sweat.

4. Cordless

I always found myself and my nephew tripping over the power supply cord of my cylindrical vacuum cleaner a couple of times whenever we cleaned the house.

The power cord also limited our cleaning radius and whenever there was a breakage on the cord, we were always in danger of being electrocuted.

With my portable mini vacuum, I don’t have to worry about any of the issues I faced with the corded cylindrical cleaners.

5. Rechargeable Battery

I really admire what my mini vacuum offers me in terms of battery life and choice of battery. This vacuum fields a high capacity rechargeable battery and contrary to what many may think, the choice of battery as a power source does not compromise on the suction power that it produces. Again, a rechargeable battery saves on the hustle of buying a new battery whenever I want to use it.

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