Tips For Caring And Maintaining Wood Floors

Wood floors are popular for their durability, ease of maintenance and the capability to be refinished. In addition, they are available in a variety of patterns to choose from. Preserving the natural beauty of this type of flooring can keep your home looking great and also plays a key role in maintaining the home’s value. But how do you keep your wood floor in great shape? There are several simple care tips you can follow to preserve the floor’s original look and extend its life.

Maintenance Tips

  • Get rugs: To prevent your wood flooring from becoming dirty fast, use rugs in the entrances, hallways or other high traffic areas. Alternatively, if you can stand it, always leave shoes at the door to avoid dragging in dirt or extra grime.
  • Sweep regularly: Sweeping this type of floor regularly will help to keep it clean, naturally buff the flooring surface and avoid scratching. Always use a soft broom anytime you’re sweeping wood floors.
  • Lift furniture: When moving furniture, be sure to lift it rather than dragging. This will prevent scratching or damage to the floor.

You can also consider buying a set of slip mats or felt feet to place at the bottom of the furniture. If you’re unable to get any of these, use lids from plastic containers.

  • Prevent overexposure: If wood flooring is exposed to direct sun rays for longer periods of time, it may fade or become discolored. Avoid this by using sheers or blinds on large windows.

Vacuum Regularly

When vacuuming your floor, use a vacuum cleaner or electric broom with a floor-brush attachment. These types of vacuums are made for hardwood floors. This will remove dirt particles that are hard to reach with the broom. However, never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar attachment as it can scratch your floor’s finish.

Removing Oil-base Stains

If your floor has grease stains, rub the dirty area with a soft cloth soaked with dish-washing detergent. When done, rinse with clean water and wipe the areas with a dry cloth.

If the application doesn’t work, be sure to repeat the procedure. Allow the spot to dry and then smoothen the raised grain using fine sandpaper. Remember to keep children & pets away from the area until you’re done.

Removing Dried Food Stains

You can remove superficial dried material on wood floors with a sharpened blade, but you need to be very careful to avoid scratching the finish. When done, rub the spot with damp cloth and let it dry. For waxed finish, be sure to wax after the area dries.


It’s recommended to mop wood floors about once every two weeks to remove any dirt that has become embedded into the floor. When mopping, always use a damp mop instead of a soaking wet one. Simply dip the mop into a bucket of the prepared cleaning solution and then wring it out completely.

Mop in the direction of wood grain and repeat as many times as required. When the cleaning solution gets dirty, prepare a cleaning solution and then continue mopping. When finished, use clean water to rinse the entire surface and make sure to wipe up excess liquid as standing water will damage wood surfaces.

Open the windows or run a ceiling fan to speed up drying.

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