Buying a Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight Vacuum CleanerVacuuming your carpet should not be like a an Olympic body building event. It should be a quick and easy task that allows you the time to get back to having fun or doing more enjoyable things with your time. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are available just about everywhere now, and finding the best one to suit your needs is a simple task, if you know the features you are looking for.

Losing The Extra Weight

As in any good diet, the goal is to lose weight, and quickly. The same should also apply when you’re looking to buy a new cleaning tool for your home. This is your chance to take note of how much the cleaner weighs and take this into consideration when doing your research. Let this be a learning lesson, you don’t have to put up with the weight any longer. It is time to give your old cleaner a proper burial and move on to a skinnier model!

It should not take more than one arm to lift a lightweight model, unless this is your preferred method of exercise. Cleaners weighing less than 10 pounds can be found easily in stores.

Lightweight vs. Standard Upright

Lightweight vacuums are generally smaller versions of the traditional model; sometimes bigger is just not better These lightweight models are equipped with fewer components and, not as many of the bells and whistles. How many times do you actually use all of the accessories that you have on your standard upright…or do you even have a clue what the function of some of them are? Smaller vacuums have great cleaning power and many useful applications.

  • If you are tight on space, and spring cleaning is just not your thing…these can be tucked nicely into the corner of just about any closet.
  • You can save your energy for more important activities in life by opting to buy the best lightweight vacuum for carpet, as it doesn’t require much muscle movement to glide these smoothly across your carpets.
  • With most models out there now, the suction power is comparable, if not better than some of the bigger ones.
  • You need to clean up small messes, like cat litter or pet hair, and do not want to invest in a handheld vacuum.
  • The RV or camper…a compact machine is virtually a must here!
  • Strongly recommended for cleaning stair cases, as you have to carry them up and down the stairs!

The biggest question you will need to ponder upon is if you wish to have the best lightweight canister vacuum, or an upright version. I find that the upright version makes a better dance partner, but you may find that you rather pull your buddy behind you by the hose. Either way, both styles can be compact and easy to use.

What is This Going to Cost?

For most applications, you do not need the Rolls Royce of vacuums and there are many great brands on the market. Sometimes it is a grand thing in life when manufacturers compete, as this drives the prices way down. A reputable cleaner can be purchased for well under $200 so you can stay with your favorite brand or venture outside of the box.

As with any good solid relationship in life, you need to find compatibility; why not find the same with your cleaning tool of choice. After all, you and this machine will be spending many years together, so why not strive to find a cleaner that best suits your needs?