Tips For Finding Your Ideal Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming your house can be a daunting job, and frustration occurs due to a lackluster cleaner, that just isn’t performing quickly and effectively as it should be. However, with so several models out there, built with new technologies, how do you pick the ideal one?

Ideal Vacuum Cleaner From DysonDo not make the decision in a hurry, when it comes to purchasing one. Make sure you get a machine that meets your needs, and can last long, with little maintenance cost.

Luckily, these tips will help you figure out the styles and features, which are good for you. The idea is to get an optimum cleaner for your house, and by following these few tips, you can be assured of a good shopping experience.

Does Someone in your House Suffer from Asthma or Allergies?

Indoor air can result to some medical problems, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms. Ensure the vacuum machine you choose is competent and airtight, so that even the smallest particles do not escape while dusting the house.

It is wise, therefore, to go for a machine, which is fitted with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. The filter traps fine particles such as dust and pollen, which trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. The HEPA filter will ensure you get rid of dust, and allergens in the air.

How Regularly do You Vacuum?

Traditionally, people used to vacuum their house once a week. Therefore, typical vacuum cleaners were perfect, as they were not regularly used. Cleaning once a week is a preplanned activity, which requires a powerful and efficient vacuum.

However, this is not the case nowadays. A smart way to ensure your home is spick and span, is to embrace instant cleaning. Vacuum anytime when there is need to do so. For this case, cordless machines are perfect. They are convenient, lightweight and designed to use anytime you they are required.

Therefore, choose a cleaner that fits your requirement. Sometimes, you can even opt for both, as they work differently, in different situations.

Size of Your Home

Some machines have an additional cord; therefore, you will not be required to change sockets much often – very helpful if you have a big house. If the size of your house calls for much vacuuming, find a cleaner with excellent dust pick-up. This makes cleaning more efficient.

Also, if are planning to use the machine for longer periods, look for one which has ergonomic features. In this case, an ergonomic handle along with a maneuverable nozzle, eases the strain on your hands.

If your home is compact, consider a compact cleaner, which fits appropriately. An interesting option could be a cordless stick vacuum. Its slim construction makes it trouble-free when it comes to storing. You can even stow it away, behind a door.

If You have Pets

Pet hair can be exceptionally hard to clean, especially from fabrics such as upholstery and carpets. A machine with a turbo nozzle is ideal for picking up embedded hair. On the other hand, a mini turbo brush is perfect for cleaning upholstery.

So, if you have pets in your household, go for a pet hair vacuum that has a mini turbo brush and a turbo nozzle as well.

But the most important thing all, is to ask questions and to look for extensive clarifications from experts, before you go shopping for one.

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