HEPA Vacuum Cleaners – A Mother’s Perspective

If you’re looking to keep your children safe from allergens and irritants such as pollen, dust or pet dander, high quality HEPA vacuums are the ideal choice when it comes to handling these harmful elements and keeping your floors and even the air in your home clean.

If you want the best and healthiest environment for your children, you’ll have to dig a little deeper and find out as much as you can about the qualities and traits of HEPA vacuums and how they can help your little ones fight against allergies, asthma or any other health related issues.

What is HEPA All About?

Bagless HEPA VacuumTo make a long story short and get right to the benefits that HEPA vacuum cleaners can provide for kids and families prone to various allergies and similar problems, suffice it to say that HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) bags and filtration systems use highly advanced technology to clean even the smallest debris and dust particles in your entire house.

These vacuums use highly efficient – and often unique – filters that use an extremely fine mesh to capture elements as small as a few microns across, while also being completely sealed to prevent them from escaping.

This basically means:

  • No more dust mites.
  • Making carpets completely clean and safe for your kids to play on.
  • Less dust present on your upholstery items.
  • A cleaner air that’s much easier to breathe for your children.
  • The ability to do away with some of the most dangerous allergens, preventing you and your family members from stirring them up and inhaling them on a constant basis.

With HEPA filters and vacuums having been tested and proven to provide all these advantages and more, you can rest assured that your house will be far cleaner and more sanitized than ever before.

Keeping Children Safe in The Long Run

Even though HEPA vacuums go a long way towards keeping your kids protected from allergens and irritants, there are still a few important measures you should take to make sure everything stays in order for a long time:

  • What type of flooring do you have around the house the most? Carpets can be fluffy and fun to play on, but they are also the places where the most dust mites and harmful agents gather. Replacing your carpets with tiles and hardwood flooring may help you keep everything more under control.
  • Consider keeping everything fresh and clean. Open windows and change bed sheets more often, and replace regular curtains with wooden, plastic or metal blinds. That way, your home will have fewer places that can hide dust mites or irritant agents.
  • Finally, HEPA vacuums can be extremely helpful, but they are also expensive. Finding the best units at the lower price may be more of a hassle, but it will keep your children safe longer.

Eureka, Hoover, BISSELL and ClearView are a few of the top brands you can look for when it comes to getting the highest level of protection from a vacuum cleaning machine at an affordable price.

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