Picking The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

When you have the best handheld vacuum cleaner at your disposal, it’s almost like having a cleaning companion right next to you at all times.

Handheld vacuums are portable, they ensure quick pick-ups, and they’re also effective at cleaning small (sometimes big) messes around the house.

They are usually cord-free and can be used to clean otherwise hard-to-clean areas like staircases, and walk-in closets; quite effortlessly, to say the least.

The easy power option, and compact nature of these portable vacuums make them very appealing.

As with any other product, it’s important to always check out actual customer reviews first before buying. Spending just a few minutes reading through what others have experienced can often save you from many unexpected surprises in the future.

Key Things to Consider

Best Handheld VacuumIf you’re planning to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner, then it’s essential for you to keep certain aspects in mind to make a smart investment decision.

There are countless designs and styles available, and every design has a unique functionality that might seem a bit confusing to some buyers, especially those that are just looking for a “quick” vacuum cleaner.

For example, if you are looking for a hardwood floor vacuum, then you need a cleaner that offers above average suction power to compensate for not having beater brushes. You can also learn more about how to pick the right type of vacuum for your hardwood floor over at Hardwood Champ.

Here is a very simple guide to help you make a better buying decision:

  • Portability – The first point to consider while purchasing a hand held vacuum is its portability. Make sure the machine is portable enough to carry easily anywhere, and that the extension cord, or cable, is at least be 10-foot long to reach to most crucial areas like staircases, attics and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Battery life – The battery of the handheld cleaner is very important because its ability to clean can be clearly judged based on how long they can function with a charging system and not plugged in to a power circuit.
  • Indicator lights – It’s essential to choose a one with indicator lights to warn you when the power supply is low, when it’s out of charging, and when it’s fully charged. The indicator lights help you to make efficient use of your vacuum.
  • Warranty – No amount of handheld vacuum reviews can save you if you’re one of the unlucky few that experience problems down the road. Make sure you’re getting, at the minimum, a 1 year manufacturers warranty for the machine, its battery, and also replacement warranty for parts. Handhelds typically don’t last as long as standard vacuums, so ensuring that there is a manufacturers warranty is very important.
  • Maintenance – The best vacuum is the one that can make your life easier, while still getting the job done. This means, you shouldn’t choose one that requires too much maintenance from your end. Avoid cleaners that require you to clean blades, or wash dirt bags frequently. Cleaners with less maintenance and optimum performance are considered to be the perfect choice for a handheld cleaner.
  • Functionality – Look for a handheld cleaner with optimum features like wet and dry cleaning, brushing, cleaning of closets, carpet cleaning, pet hair removal, and more. The cleaner with best suction is always recommended over others.

Design and Usability

Choose a design that’s most suitable to your number one cleaning need. The number of attachments that come with your handheld vacuum like different brushes, removable dirt bags, handles (both long and short), extension cords, also matter a lot.


Although the above mentioned points are important when it comes to picking the best handheld vacuum cleaner, there are several others things to consider like the brand, and the person who will be handling it (some individuals prefer less complicated machines to work with).

The best way to make sure you’re looking at a quality vacuum is to read what others are saying about it. We highly recommend that you browse around and spend a good amount of time in the customer feedback section of each vacuum. Read the positive reviews, but take note of the negative ones too.

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