Top Rated Handheld Steam Vacuums and Mops

Sleek and portable, handheld steam vacuums are great for powerful cleaning and  sanitizing operations. They are being used for both residential and commercial cleaning purposes.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller cleaning units that are compact and easy to use just about anywhere. The steam cleaners make use of only water, and no other chemicals that could make it toxic or dangerous for daily use.

Advantages of Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld Steam MopThese handheld steam cleaners are used for cleaning different surfaces like closets, carpets, flooring, kitchen counter-tops, cup boards, windows, mirrors, sinks, walls and the list goes on. With their compact size, they can also be used to clean your car, motor bikes and even the interiors of cabinets.

With these kinds of vacuums readily available, you should never have to spent money by constantly buying expensive cleaning agents. With the help of steam created by using just tap or distilled water, these machines can effectively clean just about any surface.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

Handheld cleaners are available in countless designs and styles. Here we list a few of the best ones in the market right now:

1. Efbe-Schott Delta Head Steam Mop

One of the bestselling cleaners present in the market, the Efbe-Schott Delta Head cleaner is very quick in converting water into steam. This helps in perfectly removing sticky stains and sand stains present on your floors which otherwise could have given you a very tough time to clean up.

2. Hoover SteamJet Steam and Sweep

This steam cleaner is very light and easy to carry anywhere and it is best for cleaning kitchen countertops, sinks and bathroom closets and even floors. It creates steam within 30 seconds for a top notch cleaning.

3. Oreck Steam Glide

Suitable for cleaning curvy areas, the Oreck Steam Glide is very light and easy to carry which makes it ideal for stairs, cars interiors and sinks. This cleaner features a unique three point head that facilitates cleaning operation in complex surfaces with more edges, nook and corners.

4. BISSELL Steam & Sweep

This machine is ideal for cleaning loose dirt on any type of surface. Perfect on hard surfaces and sealed surfaces with their powerful steam cleaning action, even laminated flooring and counter-tops can be cleaned quickly with this cleaner.

5. Black & Decker Steam Mop

This cleaner has a wonderful Autoselect technology that supports a wide range of cleaning actions. It is also one of the environment friendly cleaners that are available in market today and are suitable for cleaning all types of flooring.

Where to Buy

If you are planning to buy handheld cleaners with quick steam action, then shopping online might be the preferable option. There are numerous online stores that specialize in selling handheld steam vacuums with amazing features at reasonable rates. Regardless of the brand, always look for certain features like indicator lights, extended battery life, long extension cord, quick steam creation, auto select technology, and several other features that optimize the cleaners functionality.

The manufacturer guarantee is the most important aspect to look at. Handheld cleaners usually have a shorter shelf life than regular vacuums, so a decent warranty for the machine, its battery and parts, can go a long way when it comes to providing you with a smart investment decision.

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