Advantages of Using Engineered Bamboo Flooring

Engineered bamboo flooring is very flexible and stable and it is easy to install. It will save a great deal of money and time when it comes down to the fitting. Bamboo is very strong and has a tensile strength equivalent to steel and it can take fifty thousand pounds per square inch of pressure without cracking or splitting, which means that it can stand up to very heavy commercial and domestic wear in the form of bamboo engineered flooring.

Expansion and Shrinkage

Engineered Bamboo FloorBamboo floors do not have the same expansion and shrinkage problems that are often found with hardwood floors so it is not so difficult to fit. They consist of a plywood base with a bamboo veneer on top. The plywood base should have a least three layers set across each other for minimum strength, but if you really want your floating bamboo flooring to last it needs to have five plywood layers.

Ideal For Laying on Top of Concrete

Engineered bamboo is ideal for laying over concrete because it is much more resistant to water than solid wood floors, although it should be remembered that if the plywood base gets wet it will warp, twist and come apart. If there is a real water problem deal with it before laying the new bamboo floors. However, floating flooring can be laid over radiant heat floors without problems because the bamboo does not expand and contract much. Natural bamboo flooring can be used as fixed flooring which is glued or stapled to the floor below, or it works just as well as a floating floor.


Fitting will give a beautiful looking and hard wearing floor that looks just like the real thing at far lower cost and it is relatively easy to fit if you want to do it yourself. The tools you will need are very simple and include a rubber mallet, your bamboo pieces, adhesive, a trowel and a saw, a tape measure and a dustpan and brush. The chances are that you already have all those things, so there are no specialist tools to buy. Before you buy your solid bamboo flooring measure the room and work out how much you need, or ask advice from a professional, then read the manufacturers fitting instructions carefully and go from them. Compared with fitting a conventional hardwood floor with all that difficult hard work sawing, this really is easy.

Scratch Resistant and Cheap

Walmart stocks this floor type quite cheaply, which would be suitable for a basement floor, or for an area with very light traffic. The surface of this bamboo engineered flooring is quite tough and resists scratches well but it may get stained and scuffed. It is vital to get proper cleaning instructions for this floor type buy because if you do not clean it in the recommended way, you will negate the warranty.

There are recommended cleaning products for different brands, so do not assume that a generic cleaner available in a large store is right for your floor. Read the instructions and clean accordingly for best results.

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