Why I Choose a Dyson Handheld Vacuum Over its Competitors

Walking down the home appliances aisle in your local store can leave you awe struck by the tons and tons of handheld vacuum brands available to choose from. All of them pack different features and the price figures differ from one model to another. However, one brand stands tall from the crowd. Ever since I purchased my Dyson DC34 handheld vacuum cleaner, my cleaning troubles have turned to endless joys and I have never looked back since. Why I personally choose Dyson over its competitors:

1. Excellent Aesthetics

Dyson Handheld Vacuum CleanerFirst and foremost, if you’ve never seen or held a Dyson, then I suggest you rush to your nearest electronics store because you are really missing out on a lot of things. It is beautifully crafted to perfection without compromising the comfortable feeling on the hand. Its design is well thought of, having its weight balanced evenly for easy handling.

2. Value for My Money

Comparing the price tag on the Dyson cleaner with those of its competitors shows that it is priced slightly higher. Although this may turn prospective buyers away, it is also important for them to consider the long term money that could be saved. Ordinary handheld machines have a nag of breaking down often and many at times consumers find themselves buying new handheld vacuums on a yearly basis. With the Dyson handled vacuum cleaner, be guaranteed of a free two year parts and labor warranty that’s if you buy it from an authorized reseller.

3. Bag-less Technology

Although most handheld cleaners opt for inclusion of bags to collect dust, these bags however easily clog up and may warrant frequent replacement. The Dyson vacuum cleaners employ a different dust and dirt collection approach. It uses a patented technology that spins the air so fast creating a centrifugal force which is almost 100,000 times more than the force of gravity and rounds up the dust and dirt into a clear container. This is advantageous in the sense that you will be able to save on buying new vacuum bags as well as eliminate problems associated with clogged up bags.

4. High Suction Power

It is surprising that although handheld vacuums are designed to be portable, some are extremely bulky and hard to carry around. This mainly because they still rely on old fashioned and bulky motors to produce the suction power which at times does not produce enough power relative to its size. They use a smaller and lighter weight digital motor that produces more suction power than the conventional electric motors.

5. Superior Battery Life

Many of the best handheld vacuums out there ride on different means to source for their power. My Dyson handheld uses a rechargeable Lithium battery that charges three times faster than its competitors. The battery also releases an even amount of charge eliminating instances of lost or uneven suction and in the event that the battery is low, an inbuilt LED notifier lights up advising me to charge it up.

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