Best Reasons For Buying a Cordless Stick Vacuum

The prospect of buying a cordless stick vacuum has been more and more popular among homeowners in the past few years.

Stick vacuum cleaners are highly portable and lightweight, while allowing the user to maneuver them quite easily. What is more, the advantage of eliminating the necessity of a power cord will give you a lot of advantages in terms of moving around more easily, cleaning in tighter spots and substantially reducing your light bill expenses.

Convenience and Portability

Cordless Stick VacuumThe convenience and ease of use of these vacuums is almost legendary. They are fast, light and maneuverable, and they often incorporate advanced features such as WindTunnel technology and multi-cyclonic cleaning for maximizing cleaning efficiency.

Also, when it comes to buying a compact portable unit, you probably won’t have much of a chance of finding one that’s easier to store, manage and transport than one of these.

They are super thin and light, so they’ll fit into most tight storage areas. Also, you will find the added weight of just a few pounds to be very easy to manage when you have to load it into a car.

Moreover, if you have to clean up any of your upstairs rooms or your attic, these stick vacuums will allow you to do so very easily.

More Room to Maneuver

A cordless stick machine can be the perfect solution for cleaning tighter spots, surface edges and a variety of areas that may be more difficult to handle with the help of a regular upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

The thin construction of a stick vacuum will make it extremely easy for you to venture in tight corners and vacuum behind larger pieces of furniture. Also, since there’s no cord, you don’t have to worry about it getting caught in the legs of a table, chair or other pieces of furniture.

You will find that a stick vacuums gives you a lot of space to maneuver when vacuuming in any of your home’s rooms. Also, just like backpack vacuums, the convenience of its lightweight architecture will eliminate issues such as back and joint pains, while still keeping you in shape with its fast cleaning ability.

Lower Costs and Expenses

Apart from the affordable price of your average cordless stick cleaner – which rarely exceeds the $200 mark even for some of the best models – you can save up a lot of money on the low maintenance and energy requirements associated with these devices.

Battery chargers complying with Energy Star standards ensure a quick and energy-efficient charge so you won’t have to pay as much on the light bill as you’d normally be used to. Also, most units use high quality lithium batteries without the need to pay an exaggerated price on the unit itself or on a replacement.

Lithium batteries are highly efficient, lasting longer and requiring fewer charging sessions than most other types of batteries, helping you cut down on the number of times you need to charge your portable vacuum.

All in all, the advantages and convenience provided by a portable stick vacuum are undeniable, often proving that one of these lightweight, yet powerful units can serve as a viable substitute for even a more advanced upright model.

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