The Pros and Cons of Owning a Cordless Hand Vacuum

Many people these days consider the idea of buying a cordless hand vacuum. Due to their lightweight, easy to use, highly convenient, and affordable nature, these units are extremely appealing to most homeowners.

The question is, how well do they perform and what are their advantages and drawbacks?

The Positive Aspects

  • The impressive mobility that a cordless vacuum can offer is one of its most notable assets. Most of these units are very light, and you can easily move around while holding them in your hand to clean anything from stairs and some of the more remote corners of your room to upholstery items.
  • Cordless handheld cleaners can be taken outside and used to clean the interior of any car, truck or other vehicle. Their manageable size, shape and weight will allow you to handle certain tasks quite easily.
  • One of the myths about handheld vacuums is that they don’t provide enough suction to help you clean your home. In most cases, however, they are powered by a motor equally strong to an average stick or upright, and they will even allow you to pick up fine dust and debris.
  • Cleaning the dirt compartment, as well as handling other maintenance tasks is not going to be difficult when it comes to most cordless units. The lightweight properties of these vacuums give you the ability to turn them around easily and ensure that none of the dust makes its way back to your carpets.
  • Being cordless, these vacuums do not present any of the same issues you would have with a regular cleaner, and their high quality batteries make it easy for you to keep cleaning for a longer period of time.
  • Finally, you should also take the price into account. Handheld vacuums are far more affordable than their competitors, sometimes the difference being in the range of hundreds of dollars.

The Drawbacks

  • Some of these vacuums are small, and the handheld construction rarely allows you to take advantage of an extremely powerful motor. Though, as mentioned, many handheld cleaners do provide strong suction power, they are often a bit bulky and quite difficult to maneuver.
  • Finally, some cordless machines can be louder than average. In most cases, however, the large amount of dust they are able to pick up or the fact that you might generally use it outside to clean your car interior might make you forget about the louder noise.

So What Is the Verdict?

Depending on what you need them for, a portable handheld vacuum might be just what you’re looking for, or they may simply fall short when it comes to complying with some of the expectations you may have.

As you could see, they can be slightly limited in some aspects and very advantageous in others; however, as long as you want a reliable vacuum that doesn’t cost too much and can handle most basic tasks, these machines are perfect for the job.

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