Are Cordless Car Vacuums Really Necessary?

Cordless Car Vacuum CleanerYou ever have those moments when you find yourself eating your words? I definitely do, and too often. More recently I found myself using a cordless vacuum for my car after I took both dogs and daughter to the park and found that one (if not all) decided that the sandbox needed to come home with us.

As I vacuumed the dirt out from in between the seats, I suddenly flashed back to a moment not so long ago where I was watching my own mother do the exact same thing, except she had me scoffing at her, “Why did you buy that? You could just bring out the regular vacuum.”

After reminding myself to call her later and tell her I was wrong once again (something she takes great pride in, as all mothers do), I shuddered at the thought of having to drag my very heavy upright machine out to my car to clean up a mess that I took care of in about 5 minutes with my handy cordless vacuum.

4 Reasons to Buy a Cordless Car Vacuum

Maybe I’m just a sucker for having small appliances, but below are my top four reasons why everyone should have a cordless cleaner:

  1. They are small, but effective – It’s not always true that bigger is better. Sometimes, the small and mightier things get the job done just fine.
  2. They tend to cost a lot less than a regular vacuum – This might seem like an obvious statement, but hear me out for a minute. If you happen to be on a budget, it would be more beneficial to take your $60 and buy a really decent cordless machine (like the SharkSV780) than get a really cheap full sized machine, especially if you happen to have wood or vinyl flooring. It may take a few extra minutes, but you’ll have a cleaner floor if you sweep with a broom and then suck up the dust pile with one of these than run a cheap unit over it. In the end, unless you have wall-to-wall carpeting, it is money better spent.
  3. They are convenient – Instead of a giant 4 foot monster you have to lug around the room, cordless vacuums are generally lightweight (like the Black and Decker 15.6V, weighing in at 3 pounds) and easy to carry. Once charged (which usually takes about 4-6 hours) you can take them in the car for those cereal throwing emergencies that always seem to pop up, or when the box of dirt for Mommy’s flowers tips over during that particularly sharp turn.
  4. They are less wasteful than other vacuums – Most cordless vacuums come bag less, with dirt containers that can easily be removed and washed, along with their filters (like the Dirt devil Accucharge 15.6 V). Sometimes you can get lucky and find models that have removable parts that are even dishwasher safe too! They also tend to save more energy with rechargeable batteries and there are even a few brands that are Energy efficient! Nothing like helping Planet earth while cleaning up your cookie crumb mess!

Finding The Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner For Your Car

Spring is finally in the air, and you may find that you are getting some much needed sun and a burst of energy. After a long winter of hibernating next to the warm fireplace, it is time to get out and see the world once again!

It is at about this time, you realize before you venture out, you need to clean out your vehicle and all the muck it contains. As you finally come to the point where you actually see the carpet in your vehicle, you are faced with the question of what is the best handheld vacuum to tackle this mess?

The Extreme Portable Cleaner

Always keeping the vacuum handy in your car will increase the likelihood that you will actually clean up the spill when it occurs. This is probably the best thing your money will ever buy.

Yes, I have been in that situation many times where my sweet child spills the bag of cereal and I decided to pick it up later…only later came much later and the crumbs had already been pulverized into the carpet! Choosing a machine that can be used at the time of the accident, will only prove to be a worthy investment for you so here is what to look for:

  • It should be made for cleaning cars. Suction on these little beasts is amazing and they are designed to get into the cracks and crevices of your vehicle.
  • It should come equipped with a car plug in…AKA, the cigarette lighter plug in!
  • There should be thin tipped hose attachment for getting to the hard to reach places (the small thin crack between the seats and center console!).
  • Horsepower, you need lots of this!
  • Enough cord length to reach all areas inside your vehicle, unless you go with a cordless option; then you need to ensure you have a fully charged battery.

The “Garage Model”

A good compact outdoor model has many nice applications and could be the best choice if you do not wish to tote your cleaner around with you in the vehicle. These vacuums are high powered for cleaning the dirt and debris and come loaded with accessories. The “garage model” is designed to stay in your garage and is equipped with a power cord, and in some cases, a wall mount. The important thing to keep in mind if this is your cleaner of choice, is to make sure it comes with the thin hoses for cleaning those stubborn cracks and crevices inside your vehicle!

Milt-functional Wet and Dry Vac

If your car is your second home and you find yourself spilling your morning coffee and afternoon Pepsi on the carpet, a combined wet and dry machine may be your saving grace. Although more expensive than a regular portable vacuums, this model can be found at your favorite auto store and does just about everything but clean the car for you.

It can clean up wet messes and dry spills, and some models even have a steam cleaner attachment!

Now that you are equipped with information about the best portable car vacuums, it is time to go out and make your investment so you make your vehicle nice and clean for some springtime fun!

Black & Decker Car Vacuums

I’ll admit-before I met my husband, I had no clue what Black and Decker was. I mean, I knew it was tools or something, but had no idea the wide range of products they made, or how they were actually a quality brand that I could incorporate into my life.

One of the benefits to having my husband is that he likes to do most of the tool related things, like fix pipes and hammer nails (basically whatever you can accomplish in the hardware department at Sears), so he is sort of an unofficial expert on tool brands. When he figured out that I was in the market for spending our money on a new car vacuum, suddenly he was all sorts of involved, and pretty much dragged me to the store that afternoon so we could pick up a vacuum that was, you guessed it, from Black and Decker.

Now, being the independent person that I am, I was a little offended that he would assume he knew better than me- I had purchased the last three vacuums without his input before! He politely put up with my protests and assured me that this one would not disappoint. I told him that I couldn’t wait to tell him he was wrong.

So we took it home and I put that thing to the test, looking-for something to complain about so that I could tell him, “I told you so!” and gain the power of picking my handheld appliances back. Yet like every brilliant plan, this one had a fatal flaw-I fell in love with the thing instead.

I honestly don’t know where I have been all my adult life without a Black-and-Decker vacuum. It’s a quality brand that has made excellent products and is backed up by a huge client base. After all that and having my own personal experience with one, I feel foolish to think that my husband would have led me wrong (but due to stubbornness, I’m not admitting it to him right now).

For now, I will pass on the valuable knowledge to you. Below I share my top three Black-and-Decker car-vacuums, just in case you are in the market for one and don’t want your husband or boyfriend showing you up:

  1. PHV1810 Cordless Pivot Head Vacuum – This model is hard not to like. First off, the head pivots at almost 180 degrees, folding up when not in use into something a little more conveniently shaped and unfolding to get at hard to reach awkward places (like in between seats and center consoles). It also happens to be cordless, and all the parts (like the filter and such) are removable and washable, so no fighting with bags or weird compartments. There are also no loose parts, so you wont lose anything or have to carry around its own suitcase! It’s also very affordable on for about $49.
  2. FHV1200-Flex-Vac-Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner – This one is little more pricier at around $59, but it has it’s perks. The filter is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning it out a breeze, and it happens to be Energy Star approved! Also has a 4ft hose and pet hair attachment, which if you happen to have any animal that isn’t short haired or bald, this is a must-have.
  3. Dustbuster Cordless Hand Vacuum – Coming in at the cheapest ($39.99), this little guy has all your basics, but still proves itself valuable. The filter is washable, and the dirt container is actually see-through so you can easily tell when it needs to be emptied. The charger that it comes with also is able to attach to your wall, so you can keep it away from any little ones who think it’s a toy for scaring off the cats and dogs!

Dyson Car Vacuums

I remember the day I first heard of the brand, “Dyson”. I was fresh out of high school and my mother received a bright purple one as a Christmas present from “Santa”. While my 18-year-old-self was horrified, my mother was thrilled and immediately took it out of the box and used it to start cleaning up the cookie crumble mess I may or may not have made (spoiler alert-I did make that mess, but I blamed my younger brother).

After a while, the day came where I too, had need for a vacuum, and because history likes to repeat itself, “Santa” brought me a vacuum too-except it was for my car. I acted really excited in front of my family, then as soon as I got home promptly forgot about it sitting in my trunk. Until the day I took my dogs on a 4-hour car ride and their fur and dirt got everywhere. Remembering my weird little gift, I unpacked it and started putting it to work. I never forgot about that vacuum again.

I swear if I could have stuffed that thing in my purse I would have-I used it for everything. I even took it out of the car and vacuumed my furniture with it! I began to see the wisdom in my parent’s gift choice, and vowed never to doubt them again (until the next time I doubted them again…you know how hard it is to keep that kind of promise?!).

Unfortunately, my little vacuum died years later, and quite a while before Christmas was coming. So I faced the music and went on the hunt for my own-only to realize how expensive they are! Flustered, I went home and quickly did some research, and once I figured out which model I wanted (the DC34 will serve me just fine), I only had to choose which stores to not buy it from. Below are the top three contenders, all for very good reasons:

  1. Target – Target is usually always one of my go-to places to buy things, and this time it certainly doesn’t disappoint. While it is only available online, priced at $199, it comes with free shipping and for only $17 more I can add the Target replacement plan-which means I’m covered if something catastrophic happens to my new cleaning friend. I like the feeling of being protected from faulty parts and other unseen issues!
  2. Best Buy – While listed at the same price as Target, Best Buy also has me covered with the free shipping, but does not offer any type of store warranty (although the product does come with a limited warranty). What I like about Best Buy is the fact that since my husband has a Best Buy Credit card, I can get him 6% back in rewards and pay zero interest if I pay it off in 6 months or less. Since I’m using a credit card anyways, this option is particularly appealing (especially the no interest part!).
  3. eBay – This all comes down to price. There is no warranty offered here, but purchasing this on eBay can easily save me $50. Most of the current listings are offering free shipping, and used vacuums seem to average around $99, while new and in boxed ones are running at $150. Using my eBay account, I will also get a small percentage of eBay rewards earned in this purchase, which in my case doesn’t benefit me because I don’t use eBay too often, but if you happen to use eBay a lot this can be a real perk. Another perk is the Bill Me Later option, where you can just click and buy and worry about paying for it in a few months instead of right away!

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