The Pros and Cons of Buying a Corded Handheld Vacuum

They are wonderful little tools that are more powerful than ever before. Handheld vacuums are a great addition to your arsenal of cleaning tools, but should you get a cordless or corded model? Here are top three pros and cons when using a corded machine.

The Pros

  • No Dead Battery Worries: One potentially major issue with the cordless version is the battery life. I’m not talking about how long you can vacuum for (see the next paragraph), I’m referring to how some batteries have a “memory” and they start to lose their ability to hold a charge. If this happens, you will need to replace the battery, or worse, buy a brand new machine. You’ll never have to replace the battery in a corded appliance.
  • Extended Vacuuming Times: If you’ll need to clean for extended periods of time, it would be a nuisance to get halfway through your task and then have to recharge your unit to finish the job–4 hours later! With corded machines, you never have to charge up because you’re plugged in.
  • Instant Usability: If you need to use the vacuum but another family member has just recently used it, the battery might be dead–which means you’re out of luck. With a plug-in model, there’s no waiting for the battery to fill up before attacking the dust and dirt. Plug it in and immediately get to cleaning.

The Cons

  • Limited Reach: Being corded means you’ll need a socket close to where the dirt is. I’m sure the dirt won’t oblige and move closer for you, so this could be a major downer. Also, if you like to use your small handheld vacuum outside for the car, you could have the inconvenience of breaking out the extension cord. This means more work, but less cleaning.
  • The Cord Getting In The Way: One issue when vacuuming the car with a corded machine is it gets caught under the tires. Instead of zipping through my cleaning, I have to go hassle with the cord, pulling it out from being snagged. This can be frustrating, especially when I just want to hurry up and vacuum.
  • Cleaning Multiple Areas Quickly: It may seem strange but I’m a “walk and clean” kind of person. I can frequently be found walking around my house with my handheld vacuum in hand, finding all the sneaky dirt, dust, and hairballs that are trying to hide from me. This would be more difficult to do if you have to plug in the unit every time you find a dust bunny or cobweb. If you suffer from “cleaning ADD” like me, you might need to consider a cordless machine.

The Verdict

For me, finding the best handheld vacuum always comes down to personal preference and needs. If you feel the pros far outweigh the cons, a corded unit might be the better option for you. Take a walk around the areas that tend to need vacuuming more often.

Are there sockets close by?

Will you have to climb over furniture to plug in?

Is your place small enough that you wouldn’t even need to replug? Take everything into consideration before jumping to a purchase.

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