Best Product for Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring adds character to a home but when left uncared for over years, it develops buildup and residue that is tough to clean with normal cleaning procedures. You can use vacuum cleaners or dust mop to eliminate light dirt and dust but old floors that have sticky residue requires more sophisticated cleaning that cuts through the residue, restoring its natural look.

Hardwood flooring have replaced have replaced traditional tiles or concrete floors in many homes. This is because it adds luster to homes, offering a luxurious feel and appearance. However, for it to maintain its elegance it needs to be maintained as dirt, dust particles and spills are the biggest enemies of hardwood. If the floor is not cared for properly, you can cause scratches and irrevocable damages.

Best Hardwood Floor Products

There are numerous products that can be used. However, when it comes to older hardwood floors, more cleaning is required and some products may not clean it properly. If you have old hardwood flooring that needs to be cleansed, I would recommend you use vinegar. It is inexpensive, available and non toxic hardwood cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner, soft bristle broom or a dust mop may be ideal as a daily cleaning routine. This is because they will keep the dust at bay without dampening your floor on a daily basis. Regular cleaning of old floor with these products will also prevent the wood from scratches. However, vinegar is still important.

Old hardwood floors need special care to bring back their original luster and finish. Fortunately, you have vinegar. In fact, it is an organic substance which is a natural bi-product of vegetables, fruits and grains. Consequently, you can clean using vinegar without having to worry about your family safety.

Cleaning hardwood flooring with vinegar:

  1. Pour 1 gallon of water in a bucket and add 1 cup of vinegar.
  2. To remove sticky build up, add soap to the bucket with vinegar.
  3. Dip a nylon scrub brush into the mixture and scrub over the flooring.
  4. Continue scrubbing in small circular motion until the entire residue is removed.
  5. Rinse the bucket and refill it with plain water
  6. Swish a mop in the bucket and wipe over the old wood floor to remove all the buildup and cleaning products.
  7. Avoid using a lot of water since moisture can damage.

What makes vinegar the best cleaning product for old hardwood floor?

  1. Saves money-unlike other cleaning products, vinegar is less expensive and offers the best cleaning results saving you money and time.
  2. Effective-vinegar has no color and so will not stain your floor. It has the capability to kill mold, bacteria and viruses.
  3. Safe-since it is a natural product extracted from fruits, vegetables and grains, it is 100% biodegradable. It is safe both for your family and for the environment as it do not have toxins.

It is easy to leave these floors spotless and looking as good as new. Effortless home products accompanied by some thorough cleaning is all you need to transform dull and old hardwood floor into a smooth, gorgeous, and fun living environment. However, depending on the seriousness of the wear on your old floor, extra care maybe required to be able to completely eliminate residues and other buildups.

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