Choosing The Best Robot Vacuum For Your Home

The world’s smartest guys have successfully transformed the operation of the most used home and commercial appliances from manual to robotic. If you are planning to upgrade your basic vacuum cleaner to robotic vacuum, but have no idea how to select a good one, then this article is going to walk you through it step by step.

Look Into Rate of Accomplishing Work

Hands free movement is perhaps the most prolific feature that separates robotic vacuums from the rest. While all of them can keep your house clean – hands free, they will utilize slightly varied navigation technology to maneuver around your floor. Ideally, you want a robot vacuum that moves and cleans around quickly with the ability to reach out to the far ends under your bed or underneath your sofas; the higher the rating, the faster and stronger it will move over the floor and climb small hills. So just be still to chip in to your pockets.

Choose Expert Navigation Technology

Avoid really cheap robot vacuums. Go for average ($250) or top-notch ($700+) performers because you don’t want to end up with a cheap knock-off that either breaks, or falls off the steps. A robot vacuum that falls off the stairs regularly is an indication that it has a very weak sensor. Self-navigation system is the key to these vacuums, and ones that come with strong sensors are typically the best. Poor sensors are actually cheaply obtainable, but they don’t serve your purpose very well. A strong sensor on the other hand, can crisply detect steps and other obstacles that may come into the vacuums cleaning path, and this is very important for preventing unnecessary damage to the device.

Buy a Multi-purpose Robotic Vacuum

Some robotic vacuum products began offering additional features that are unrelated to cleaning, but might be still be useful at home. They include:

  • Home surveillance
  • Internet connectivity
  • Air purification

If I had to choose one of the additional features mentioned above, it would definitely have to be the air purifier. What better way to compliment a clean floor, than a room with clean, breathable air.


Some people vacuum once a week, others will do it only on days when they expect to have guests. The sense here is that most people feel lazy towards this odious chore. This problem would cease to existThis problem though would cease from being a lifelong affliction if you adopted robotic cleaning technology. Buy this and your duties at home shall be solved half way, but remember to pick one that meets the points we discussed above; fast, precise and multi-functional.