Top Reasons You Need to Buy a Carpet Deodorizer

De-odorizing CarpetFrom time to time I’ve been battling with bad odors from the carpet which came from food spills, pet poop on the carpet and general dirt pile up.

Cleaning the carpets the normal way only removed dirt but did me no justice to take the smell away.

I went online and found that there are several ways of dealing with bad odors and stopping the embarrassing smells which attack guests when they come over.

Sadly, my air freshener wasn’t winning the battle against the awful smell.

Methods of Carpet Deodorizing

Using Baking Powder as a Carpet Deodorizer

It’s a very economical home remedy, as it involves using the normal baking powder to get rid of smells from the carpet. Depending on the intensity and type of smell you may have to do it all over again to accomplish your mission.

What you need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Baking powder

Clean the carpet normally as you normally do with the vacuum cleaner, this ensures that the process is not affected by the normal dirt on the carpet.

Proceed by pouring baking powder on the carpet while putting more emphasis on the areas which emit more smell. Make sure to pour lots of it; don’t be stingy on this part because the more you use the more effective the process will be.

Baking powder has been proven to take odor off carpets if the process is done correctly. Let it stay on the carpet for a whole day if possible. The more you wait the better the results of the process.

After the desired time is completed proceed by sweeping the baking powder off the carpet before you start to vacuum. If you don’t sweep it before using the vacuum cleaner you may it end up jamming it and this is not a good thing. Mine got jammed and I had to borrow from my neighbor.

Vacuum up the rest and the process is done. Take note that your vacuum cleaner will get full and heavy very fast. If the smell reduces but doesn’t fully go away you have to redo the process.

This is where buying a carpet deodorizer comes to the rescue.

Using a Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet deodorizers come with instructions and most of them are packed up as spray bottles. For effective results you still need to vacuum the carpet up to avoid dirt from affecting the process.

After that you are good to go, just spray away and forget about the embarrassing moments you’ve had in the past.

Reason for Getting a Carpet deodorizer

  • It’s just like cleaning you windows, you can’t go wrong on the process just spray and wipe.
  • You don’t have to wait for a couple of days for the process to be effective, once you use the deodorizer the results are instant.
  • All deodorizer types are available. Sometimes depending on the type of odor the process may not be fully effective. You may need to choose a different brand for the precise type of odor. Best choice is to get an all type deodorizer.
  • It’s highly convenient. Home remedies are tedious and tiresome as compared to buying a carpet deodorizer.

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