Why I Chose Carpet Cleaning Powder Over Other Cleaning Methods

My cleaning method of choice for both regular maintenance and stubborn carpets is the Dry Powder method. Other options exist but for me this is the clear victor. It is quick, safe, and reliable.

Other options exist:

  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Bonnet Method
  • Steam Cleaning

They all have their pros but it is their cons that deter me. Often their drawbacks are hidden behind encouraging ads and enthusiastic marketing schemes.

Reviews may depict them as the cleaning method that changed Jane Doe’s standards of carpet cleanliness. I know what you’re thinking- isn’t that what I’m saying about the Dry Powder method?

It is. Let me tell you why.

Clean and Safe Carpet

The Other Ways

Carpet Shampooing is where you generate a lot of foam and you smear it all over. The foam is supposed to collect dirt. When it dries, you vacuum it up.

These shampoos dry to a sticky residue that is resistant to the vacuum that is its only extraction method. Which means they are still dirty.

Instead of improving their formulas so that they actually clean carpets, many of these companies that make the shampoos scam you. They add optical brighteners to the product. The brighteners turn ultraviolet light into visible light, so your carpets appear more beautiful.

This lasts a few days if you are lucky.

The Bonnet method is not much better. It uses a round buffer to really get the chemicals into your carpet. This method does not have extraction either so, like with carpet shampooing, a lot of dirt is left behind.

The rotating bonnet also causes fiber damage to your carpets. The chemicals are mixed with club soda before you apply them to your floor, so you still have that inconvenient wait time at the end of all your work.

The Steam Cleaning approach has the longest wait time of all of them. It really does clean your carpets, but it will be a few hours before you can actually use them. Plus it uses high temperature water that can scald you if you are not careful.

The Dry Powder Way

The Dry Powder approach, or Chemical Method, is fast. You can even choose how fast.

Step one is sprinkling the powder over your carpets. If you are crunched for time you can let it sit half an hour and vacuum it with no further work. If you have the time for a deeper clean, you can use a machine or brush to scrub the chemicals deeper.

With that flexibility I can get the look and feel of a healthy carpet more often. It is real, and safe too, not just a reflection of ultraviolet light.

Some of the other ways use chemicals that are dangerous to my family and my pets, especially since they often get embedded in the fibers. Dry Powder products are usually organic and do not get left behind by my vacuum.

The clean I get with this method is consistent. I do not have to worry that it will look bad in a few days, because it is a real clean. It is affordable, safe, and conforms to my schedule. In my home, it is the clear superior to its deceptive alternatives.

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