Top 5 Black And Decker Handheld Vacuum

Black and Decker is a name synonymous with quality. But how do their handheld vacuums rate? Before listing our personal top 5, there are a couple of things you should consider before you decide which one to purchase.

How Much Power/Run Time Do You Need?

Some of the vacs below have longer lasting batteries, but this might sacrifice suction power. If you’re in a small apartment or you’re only planning to use your new handheld machine for short bursts, battery stamina probably won’t matter. My old handheld died rather quickly as I worked on my stairwell, so I needed a longer lasting charge for my batteries.

Higher voltage doesn’t necessarily mean longer running. It may impact suction power instead. Today, handhelds are amazingly powerful, so this will most likely not be an issue.

Corded or Cordless?

There are corded versions of the machines available if you plan on vacuuming for long stretches of time. Cords can be an inconvenience as you search for places to plug in as you go. Corded units save you the hassle of having to recharge or wait for your unit to complete it’s charging cycle.

Now, here are the top five highest rated handheld vacuums from Black & Decker.

1. Lithium-Ion Cordless Dust-Buster Hand Vacuum 14 Volt – CHV1410L

This machine has a rotating and slim nozzle that can get the dirt that gets stuck in tight spaces. It also touts a 50% increase in reach compared to past models. This means less bending and less working! Plus, the brush & crevice tools are located on-board meaning those loose items that used to get misplaced are no longer an issue.

2. Dust-Buster Hand Vacuum, 15.6 Volt – CHV1510

This vac also has 50% further reach than the old Dust-Buster, along with the tools located on the machine. The wide-mouth design means it can effortlessly suck up large debris. It boasts cyclonic action, which spins dust and dirt away, keeping the filter clean and unclogged; there’s no loss in suction power.

3. Platinum 20 Volt Maximun Lithium Ion Slide Pack Vacuum – BDH2000SL

I really like the Charge Indicator Light which is an LED charge indicator that shows when battery is fully charged. It has a large collection chamber, but if it gets filled up, it’s easily emptied. Also, at 20 volts, it’s one of the most powerful units available. The slide pack refers to the battery that slides off. This is nice with an extra battery so you can charge one while using the other.

4. Dust-Buster 12 Volt Cordless Cyclonic Handheld Vacuum – CHV1210

This very lightweight machine also holds a charge for much longer than the old units. You will love the translucent dirt container which gives you the opportunity to see when it’s getting too full. Since both the dirt receptacle and the filters are fully washable, you’re able to give it a thorough and hygienic cleaning in between uses.

5. B & D Platinum 20 Volt Max Cordless Hand Vacuum – BDH2000L

This unit is number one when it comes to dog and pet hair. The Lithium batteries are integral so no need to swap the battery out and into a charger. A great feature is the flip-up brush and extendable crevice tools. I find these so convenient having them readily available as you’re cleaning.

As you can see, top rated handheld vacuums tend to offer a lot of variety when it comes to performance. Consider your budget and compare it to your needs to determine the perfect unit for you.

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