Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster Review

Black & Decker had one thing in mind when their creative team designed the B&D CHV1510 handheld vacuum, YOU. Its sleek, innovative design not only allows the user to reach places other Handhelds can’t get to, but also allows the user to maneuver in ways that clean like no other.

Having a design unlike the traditional handheld vacuums, the Black &Decker gives its users the cleaning ability that other Handhelds have yet to discover.


Black & Decker CHV1510 DustbusterIts long, slim designed nozzle rotates in the direction the user is cleaning, making hard to reach areas a snap to clean without a struggle.

The additional extension tool designed for cleaning crevices makes lengthy accessibility an excellent feature.

The vacuum comes with multiple cleaning capabilities thanks to its flip-up brush providing the extra cleaning ability all in one tool instead of having accessories that are easy to lose.

It’s bagless, clear dirt container allows you to see when it’s full knowing when to empty without overflowing.

The dirt bowl is easy to remove along with the filter allowing the user to clean thoroughly after every use.

The Black & Decker come equipped with a three-stage filtration system that continues to swirl the dirt around in the dirt box preventing clogging of the filter along with the clean air exhaust.

Can be mounted on the wall or stored vertically or horizontally for saving space.

You will always know if the vacuum has a full charge or if your charging port is connected correctly due to its indicator light.

Portable and lightweight make cleaning up messes fast and easy.

Saving energy is no worry with this charging system. It has the approval through the Energy Star program, and charging system designed to protect the batteries and save energy.


  • Weight, well balanced and easy to handle: Due to its sleek design and only weighing around 4 pounds, handling the B&D is simple and easy on the hands and arms.
  • Suction power: High power plus the wide, large mouth design means cleaning large areas or large particles is an effortless task.
  • Clean even after cleaning: Cyclonic action should speak for itself. This technology is what makes this machine what it is, powerful. By spinning the debris and dirt away from its filter, the suction power remains the same throughout your entire cleaning project.
  • Handy attachments: No more worrying about keeping up with all those attachments. The B&D keeps up with its little helpers by providing a space for them to remain on-board.
  • Holding a charge: Holding a charge is no problem for this vacuum. It’s perfect for cleaning your stairs, furniture or even your car without having to stop regularly for re-charging.

For best results, a full charge should be for 24 hours.


  • Animal hair is difficult to remove: Animal hair gets stuck in the dirt cup often leaving the removal of the hair up to the user.
  • The extension rod: Seems a bit flimsy when hard cleaning is required and using the attachments are difficult while the wand bends.
  • Short extension wand: Without being able to use the attachments properly due to the rod being flimsy, this can be a problem when such a short extension tool.


Black & Decker has always gone above and beyond its technology with their handheld vacuums and they didn’t cut any corners with this model. For how much value you get, the Black & Decker CH1510 is everything and a bit more than what you would expect from a small machine.

For small areas with big messes, this machine is for you. Great power and battery lifetime, you will be happy with your purchase and cleaning.

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