Why Families Love Their BISSELL Steam Cleaner

One of the safest and natural ways to clean surfaces and objects is by using a steam cleaner. I’m currently using the BISSELL SpotClean 7786A portable cleaner and I feel that, when I use it, I’m not only cleaning but disinfecting.

Having two dogs and a messy daughter, it has been my savior. It’s also a lot cheaper to get stains out of the sectional sofa using the steam cleaner than replacing large pieces of furniture wholesale.

BISSELL Steam Cleaner

Carpet cleaning machines are incredibly reasonable in price compared to the benefits you receive in return.

What are some benefits of steam cleaning?

  1. Number one for me is how powerful steam is as a cleaner without using chemicals. Whenever I would have the traditional carpet cleaning machine come out, our house would smell like a hospital for a few days. I’ll pass. Now, leaving potentially harmful residue from cleaning agents is a thing of the past for my household.
  2. Steam doesn’t stain or destroy! I used a spray cleaner (who shall remain nameless) on my front room love seat and it left me a nice bleach spot. Love seat ruined!
  3. It kills bacteria. High temperature steam destroys salmonella, e coli, and more.
  4. Steam cleaning leaves my furniture, floors, and more clean enough to eat off of. My family loves knowing they are in a practically sterile environment. It’s like living in a clean hospital without the hospital chemical smells.

Now, if you use the same cleaning machine as I do, you won’t be stuck just cleaning the floors with it. There are a ton of uses for it around your house–inside and out.

What can and should be cleaned?

Kitchens – This is my favorite place to clean because I do all the cooking. I know my surfaces are bacteria free when I start cookin’!

  • Backsplashes and tile.
  • Grout in between the tiles (you know how gross grout can get).
  • Refrigerators, especially the produce and meat drawers.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces in which food comes into contact.

Bedrooms – Or any room for that matter, such as living rooms, etc.

  • Windows, especially the gunk in the frame.
  • Shutters and curtains. (be sure the fabric you’re cleaning can be steam-cleaned).
  • Carpets and throw rugs.
  • Comforters. Do you know how awesome it is to steam clean your comforter instead of spending a bundle taking it into the dry cleaners?

Bathrooms – This is where my BISSELL really shines–and really shines up my bathroom!

  • Disinfecting the toilet and around the toilet base.
  • Tubs and showers, especially around the shower head and handles.
  • Work surfaces and counter tops.


  • Removing wrinkles from hanging clothes!
  • A great quick fix if you don’t have the time to wait (or the money) for the dry cleaner.

Steam cleaners can even be used in the car on fabric, vinyl, and leather seats and carpets. I love using my BISSELL steam cleaner for removing dog hair off my cloth seats. No more furry black pants for me!

If you decide to pick up a steam cleaner, BISSELL is number one on my list. Their cleaners are very durable–and with how much I use it, this is a very good thing.

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