Why a BISSELL Carpet Sweeper is Well Worth The Cost

BISSELL Carpet SweeperA sweeper may not be a worthwhile investment, especially if you already have vacuums that pick up annoying pet hair and grit from your floors.

Pet hair and dirt collect on our carpets and other surfaces constantly. BISSELL’s range of sweepers are here to make removing them easier.

Their features make them prime choices among the sweepers available on the market.

Why do you need a sweeper?

Although you may have a vacuum, adding a sweeper to your cleaning arsenal is still a necessity. You’ll need them to do quick, daily cleaning jobs for which assembling a bulky vacuum may not be worth the time.

Sweepers don’t have suction like other vacuums, but can still be effective for quick clean ups. Vacuums can never be replaced by sweepers, but you still need them to sweep up after a pet which sheds all the time. They’re also nifty for getting rid of the crumbs that perpetually collect under the table.

It was the need to remove dust that accumulated daily in Anna BISSELL’s crockery shop that drove her and her neighbors to collect hog bristles and develop the BISSELL sweeper.

But what exactly makes Anna BISSELL’s Sweepers hard acts to follow among sweeping products?

Reasons to Buy a BISSELL Carpet Sweeper

1. They have cutting edge features

A BISSELL Sweeper has more cutting edge features that make it a seller. The BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo Sweeper, for example, has:

  • Edge cleaning technology
  • Dual edge motorized brushes
  • Adjustable handles
  • An easily emptied, large capacity bin
  • Long lasting cleaning power provided by batteries.

The features make it a convenient and must-have cleaning tool in the home.

2. They don’t need that annoying cord

What you want to look for in a sweeper is convenience. You won’t want one that requires constant charging, with an endless cord that constantly gets in the way.

BISSELL’s sweepers come in both manual and cordless models. The Perfect Sweep Turbo is BISSELL’s cordless, battery operated design, while the Natural Sweep has:

  • Dual rotating brushes
  • 4 corner brushes for reaching hard to reach places. It’s not run by electricity or battery, but on the premise of sweeping naturally.

Cordless or manual, a boon both have is that neither require a cord or repeated charging.

3. All surfaces find it hard to resist

BISSELL’s sweepers are able to clean any surface, whether they are carpeted or tiled. A feature that anyone looks for in a sweeper is if it is able to clean everything. No one wants a sweeper fit for only one job.

4. They last and last

BISSELL’s sweepers stand out because of their durability. Made of metal tubes and PVC free plastic that can be recycled, the Natural Sweep is built for long term use.

Customers have testified that the BISSELL Supreme Sweep, which has power of up to 4.8 volts, is able to sweep up even small LEGO pieces without being damaged.

5. Their rotating brushes chase away all that hair

Whether you use one of BISSELL’s manual or cordless sweeper, you’ll be guaranteed that their rotating brushes will do a fine job of getting rid of pet hair.

The Natural Sweep may not run on electricity, but it’s rotating brushes in the centre and corners remove hair and dirt on carpets easily.

The Supreme Sweep has nylon brushes that do the job just as well, if not better. With three types of brushes, the Supreme Sweep Turbo Rechargable Sweeper completes the sweeping job even more efficiently.

6. They’re so easy to use

No matter which of BISSELL’s Sweepers you choose to use, you’ll do so with ease.

The Perfect Sweep Turbo, for instance, has adjustable handles that allow you to convert it into a hand held sweeper. The function makes it easy for you to clean stairs and other above ground surfaces.

The Supreme Sweep Turbo also has adjustable handles and a hand grip that allow it to do the same.

It also means that they are easy to store as well. You can convert them into a handheld sweepers for storage in any corner of your home.

7. You don’t need to worry about finding a dustbin

At least, you won’t have to do so for long periods BISSELL’s Sweepers come with large capacity, emptiable dustbins that allow you to sweep rooms completely before you empty them.

The company understands that its annoying to have to interrupt your sweeping job constantly just to empty sweeper \ bins.

8. They are a breeze to carry

This can be a boon if you want to complete sweeping jobs quickly or if you cannot carry anything heavy. BISSELL’s sweepers are so light and portable that you’ll be able to carry them anywhere.

This means that your children can pitch in to help with you with cleaning.

9. Customers just love it

Customers who have used sweepers like the Hoky have testified that BISSELL’s sweepers are easier to use because they have a wider glide. It also picks dirt up better.

10. They’ll fit your budget

Considering its great functionality and nifty features, it’s well worth your money. The BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo is also available on Amazon at a great price.

Knowing what a near perfect sweeping job it can do, the price you’ll have to pay is a small one.

If you’re considering getting a sweeper, consider a BISSELL. It’ll be well worth the thought.

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