Top Reasons Why I Love My BISSELL Carpet Shampooer

Shampooed CarpetKeeping the carpet smelling fresh and clean is no easy job, and the best you can achieve with a vacuum cleaner is just getting rid of dust and the small dirt particles.

For effective cleaning you need to clean the carpet frequently with hot water and soap so as to remove the tuff smells and stains that are deep in the carpet.

Hiring a professional to clean your carpet every so often is a good option but it’s very expensive. It’s more economical and convenient to buy your own cleaning machine. This is because the machine is at your disposal anytime you need it, for example when a pet accident happens.

The Best Carpet Cleaner

Through the years I’ve used various cleaners and I finally settled for the BISSELL Carpet Shampooer. It’s efficient, easy to use, serves all purpose and is not expensive. When choosing a cleaner for your carpets, there are various factors you should consider:

  • Lifestyle (do you have pets? which carpet type do you have?).
  • The Performance.
  • Available tools for washing hard to reach places.
  • Warranty and Customer care Support.

As you read on you’ll see why these factors are so important.

Lifestyle and Type of Carpet

Lifestyle refers to whether you have pets, kids, rowdy company which comes in every once in a while. For instance, if you have pets and kids you probably get spills more often than you can imagine, in this case you would require a light carpet cleaner which isn’t tiresome to use. You just lift it up, clean the mess and forget all about it.


A good cleaner gets the job done with minimal wastage of power and resources. The machine works by spraying clean water and soap; it then scrubs the surface and then suctions the dirty water to a small tank reservoir. It has a powerful system that is effective in brushing and cleaning up all the dirt. It also has an air dryer component which helps the floor to dry faster.

Available tools for washing hard to reach places

Some places in the house are usually hard to reach and so you want a machine that comes with hand-like tools with rotating brushes and suction pipes. After cleaning the bigger areas of the rooms it shouldn’t be hard to clean the hidden surfaces.

Warranty and Customer Care Support

Most cleaners have a one year warranty and that is never sufficient to ensure the quality of the product. The BISSELL Carpet shampooer comes with a three year warranty. This is important to ensure that you get a get rapid response once there is any mechanical problem. It also comes with an email for inquiry on warranty issues.

This BISSELL cleaner covers all these areas and that is why it’s considered one of the best:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s light in weight as compared to others.
  • It’s powerful. Has a great suction power and air dryer.
  • It’s very affordable.

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