Why a BISSELL Carpet Cleaner is The Better Option

Since releasing their carpet machine in 1980, BISSELL has led the way in carpet cleaning innovation. My mother used Bissell, her mother used Bissell, and now, so do I. I have seen their products develop throughout my whole life, and they have time and again one-upped themselves with remarkable results.

Cleanliness And Convenience

A BISSELL carpet cleaner tends to be on the larger side. They have to be. They are high powered and have a huge job to perform. I, however, am not proportional to my cleaning efforts.

So the fact that BISSELL designs models with convenience in mind is important to me. They offer cleaners with one tank of water instead of two. The dirty and clean water is in the same tank, separated by a bladder type filter, so I don’t have to lug around twice the equipment.

BISSELL DeepClean 17N4I recently upgraded to the BISSELL ProHeat Pet Deep Cleaning System. It didn’t have all the same attachments that my old cleaner had but the cool thing about BISSELL is that for most cleaners, the accessories are interchangeable. I didn’t actually lose any features when I made the switch and now I get better results when dealing with Sparky’s accidents.

They also sell models with the Lift Off technology seen on most regular vacuums these days. The main body of the carpet cleaner detaches from the base so I can carry it up and down the stairs. One of the most high traffic areas in my house is the foyer staircase. I need to be able to clean the steps with the power of a deep cleaner but the maneuverability of a handheld machine.

I have my carpets professionally cleaned, every year. When they come, they inform my husband that whoever handles our carpets is doing a very good job. It’s not me- It’s BISSELL.


BISSELL offers three different kinds of cleaning machines for carpets.

Upright models clean whole rooms with ease. They also include Lift Off technology, which makes them convenient for other jobs too.

Portable options are good for spot cleaning stains and spills. The narrow, lightweight designs fit on stairs and are easy to store. Some of them even have preset cycles you can set to do hands free cleaning.

Canister models are a bit heavier than portable ones but have light handles that make maneuvering smooth. They are carpet cleaners and water treatment vacuums in one, so you can usually use them on your hardwood floors too.


When BISSELL comes up with an idea, they commit to it wholeheartedly. They buckle down when developing new products and it really shows.

Take their line of carpet cleaners dedicated to pet messes. They know their project inside and out because 72% percent of the people working on the technology are pet owners themselves. They do not stop at inventing carpet cleaners, either.

BISSELL founded a charity that donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations all across America that help abused animals get healthcare and homes. That is a company I can get behind.

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