Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners – Are They Worth The Money?

Bagless vacuums have been around for years. If you haven’t used one yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! They are typically very lightweight, don’t require a separate purchase (i.e. bags), and they perform just as well as vacuums that use bags. The question is, should you invest in a bagless vacuum and are they reasonable in price? Here are a few bagless myths you can forget about.

Myth 1: Bagless machines are so expensive!

Actually, they can be. There are some machines that cost upward of $500 and more! Then again, some are less that $100. Most will fall right in between those two amounts. This means that the price of a bagless vacuum cleaner is actually very comparable to standard ones.

Myth 2: Bagless vacuums are not hygienic! They spread germs into the air.

Believe it or not, the opposite is actually true. Vacuum cleaner bags are porous. They have to be so they can “breathe” and have good suction. Air is forced through the bag and out. Out where, you ask? Out into the air! Sure, they try their best to filter the air through an outer bag, but the bottom line is to keep suction strong they can’t block everything.

Bagless machines suck in the air and then push it through a series of hepa filters, air filters, and some even have charcoal filters. The air coming out of the bagless ends up being more highly filtered.

Myth 3: Bagless units lose suction!

Again, forget this myth! Vacuum bags fill up. The fuller they get, the less empty space there is for air to freely travel in and through the bag. This means suction starts to suffer. This is not the case with most bagless vacuums. As the dirt compartment begins to fill up, the air doesn’t need to travel through the filth you’ve picked up. This allows the machine to continue with the same amount of suction until the dustbin is filled up. Besides, I’m sure you’ve heard the guy with the funny accent claiming his machines never lose suction. Neither do most other units.


Now, it is important to empty the dust bin often. Your machine will perform better with less air-clogging dirt swirling about the chamber. Although bag vacuums don’t need to be emptied as often, most people are fine with taking a quick break to empty their machine. And have a cocktail maybe.


What you should do to get the best vacuum at the lowest possible price (or at least a price you’re comfortable with!):

  1. Set a price you are comfortable paying.
  2. Browse vacuums that are within $50 of your budget.
  3. Spend time reading user reviews of the vacuums you are considering. This is critical for you to do. If other real people love it, most likely you will to.

Finally, if you can’t find a vacuum you’re happy with, consider upping your budget by $50. When I bought my latest bagless vacuum, I ended up spending $80 more than I wanted. Why? The lower priced ones didn’t perform up to my standards. I decided I would rather be very happy for many years to come with my purchase instead of a temporary “happy I saved eighty bucks!” as I grow more frustrated with my purchase. Make sense?

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