A Few Reasons Why I Love My Bagless Canister Vacuum

For most of you who are familiar with them, canister vacuums are likely some of the most valuable investments you’ve ever made for improving the efficiency, speed and convenience associated with home floor cleaning tasks.

Using a design built to be perfect for hard surfaces and made to maintain a high level of efficiency and durability with minimal costs and maintenance requirements, these vacuums have a lot going for them in terms of overall performance and ease of use.

Fewer Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

Bagless Canister VacuumOne of the first reasons worth mentioning with regards to why a bagless canister vacuum is so appealing is the bagless construction, which takes the hassle out of a lot of aspects and tasks you may have previously been used to with your older vacuum and its bags.

Here are just a few of the things I love about bagless vacuums:

  • Most of these devices are sold along with high quality washable filters that don’t have to be replaced all that often.
  • With bagless vacuums, you can see when they need to be emptied, so you can prevent any durability issues that may result from using the vacuum too often when it’s full.
  • They are also less expensive in the long run, since they don’t require any replacement bags – some of which could cost quite a lot of money, depending on the brand.

The fact that we’re talking about canister vacuums carries a lot of weight here as well. They are considered an excellent choice for tile, laminate, wood and other hard surfaces.

This is mainly because of the wide range of applications that the design is good for, not only as a result of the compact construction – which makes it easy to use and allows for flexible movement – but also because of the large number of attachments included with most of these.

Steady Performance and Durability

One of the lesser known facts about the performance rating of canister machines is that they are capable of similar suction power as most types of cleaners, but, at the same time, they also provide a constant level of quality, as opposed to bagged vacuums which can behave poorly once the bag is full.

They are more compact and easier to maneuver, while also presenting fewer limitations than, for instance, upright vacuums, due to the large number of extensions and brushes you can attach. Moreover, most bagless canisters will last a longer time than other vacuums, while using the same amount of power.

These traits are most visible with the top brands currently available in the market. These include BISSELL, Panasonic and Eureka – which are also among the top least expensive vacuums of this type.

Of course, as you will find during your research, not all brands and models are built the same, and while some do incorporate the most essential positive traits of both canister and bagless vacuums, others will be quite unique and different from what the “norm” would point to.

Nevertheless, as you can see from all the advantages they present, canister vacuum cleaners are some of the best choices anyone can make for a thorough and complete cleaning experience.

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