War of the Dirt Busters: Backpack Vacuums vs. Dyson Ball Vacuums

I have never found a single soul who is a fan of vacuuming, yet it is something we all have to do at some point of our lives to maintain a healthy environment. But the things is that when I think about vacuum cleaners, what comes to my mind is either getting tangled in wires or banging the canister against furniture or walls.

However, recently I had the opportunity of observing a professional cleaning crew doing their job and doing it rather well actually.

In half an hour or less, a single worker had expertly vacuumed an entire floor of offices and was still not cursing under his breath. How? Well in my opinion the trick was staying upright while vacuuming, rather than being bent over and dragging a heavy canister as well. Yes, the cleaning crew was using these revolutionary backpack vacuum cleaners.

But before you drag your old cleaner out the door and welcome a backpack vacuum home, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • What are my cleaning requirements?
  • How often do I clean?
  • What kind of cleaning is called for in my environment?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of both the systems?

Answering these questions will greatly reduce your general confusion about which vacuum cleaner to opt for. But in the mean while here is a comparison:

Backpack Vacuum

If like me, you too have hardwood flooring at home, then these are the things you need to consider.

Backpack vacuums are the ones whose canister needs to be worn on your back. This means that its entire weight is being carried by the strongest part of your body. This also means no bending or bumping into the canister on the floor and getting hurt. Sound marvelous right? Backpack canisters can be carried around anywhere and because they are so handy, they are easier to clean with and capable of cleaning even the most difficult of places. They are also much faster to work with, since large areas can be cleaned in the shortest possible time when you don’t have to drag a heavy canister behind you or are not stumbling around, tangled in wires.

Now you might think that backpack vacuums might get heavier by the minute, with all that cleaning- but that is not so. It hardly weighs a meager 8-10 pounds and can easily be strapped on in a matter of minutes.

Dyson Ball Vacuums

On the other hand is the upright Dyson ball vacuum, which is a standard cleaning appliance around majority of homes. This is a self contained appliance which is easy to store, quick to access and requires no assembly. It is perfect for cleaning up a room or hallway and only becomes a nuisance when cleaning stairs.

However, which one best serves your cleaning needs can only be decided in view of what you are cleaning. If you are cleaning large areas of either hardwood or carpeted surfaces with lots of objects in between, then Yes! The backpack vacuum is your best bet. But if you are living in a small apartment with a hardwood floor like I am, then hang on to your Dyson, since rolling it over a wooden floor is easier, especially when there isn’t much surface to cover anyways.

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