Guide to Buying the Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner“Mom, is that our new jet pack?!”

This was what my 5-year screamed when he saw me with a backpack vacuum cleaner. I can’t blame him, I too did not recognize it as vacuum cleaner when I first saw it.

This purchase was my husband’s idea (yes, he can be right sometimes) having seen some of the maintenance people using it in their office.

At first I raised my eyebrow at the idea – I would look like one of the Ghostbusters! Sartorial concerns aside, I now consider it one of his better ideas. Here’s how we decided on this purchase:

Need and Budget

It’s a consumerist world, and, despite our better judgment, we covet our neighbor’s goods. I asked my husband if we really needed it. It may work for his office, but will it work for us? He pointed out to me that we had several hard-to-reach areas which would benefit from a thorough cleaning. We have crawlspaces, storage spaces accessible by a drop-down ladder and an attic which I could only clean once a year. A vacuum that can be carried on my back would allow me to get to this areas and clean them more often.

At the same time, I took our budget into consideration. Backpack vacuums are more expensive because it’s usually for commercial use. If you want one, research the prices of the different models first before making a decision. In order to find the best backpack vacuum to suit all your needs, you first need to know exactly what your needs are.


This is especially important if you intend to use it throughout the house. I only use it on hard-to-reach areas because I want to protect my back so this was not my primary concern. There are a number of models available that are lightweight, but you will usually have to compromise on some other features.

In fairness, manufacturers are aware of this possible problem and have made allowances for it. Ask your sales person about it. Just a note on this – if the weight is a major concern for you, there is no weight that is light enough to use. Maybe a backpack vacuum of whatever model is not the right fit for you.


As I said, most of these backpack style vacuums have limited features. Manufacturers are focused more on portability when it comes to this type of cleaner. Examine them first and see if these are the features you want or need. Don’t compromise on your needs. There are models with many attachment tools that you can use. For example, if you have to vacuum hardwood floors, make sure it has the right hardwood cleaning attachments for the job.

Don’t buy the first one you see. Look at the suction power. It has to be suited to your needs. The filter have to powerful enough to absorb dirt. While there are cheap filters for sale, you don’t want one that has to be changed often. Remember, you will be the one using this, so choose carefully.


A backpack vacuum cleaner is not for everyone. Don’t buy just for the sake of having one. Do you really need one? Is your place big enough to merit such a purchase? If you can answer this question first, the rest of the considerations will follow.

Here are the best backpack vacuums available right now (according to real customer feedback):