Why Backpack Vacuum Cleaners Are Better Than The Alternative

While many types of canister and upright vacuum cleaners have been labeled as too heavy, bulky or uncomfortable to operate, a growing number of homeowners in search for a tad more comfort and convenience while cleaning their floors have been looking into backpack vacuums.

These vacuums have been created to be as easy to use as possible. Highly portable and often quite lightweight, they offer an excellent alternative to the most common types of large, cumbersome vacuums.

Key Advantages

Most brands selling conventional vacuum cleaners have presented numerous advantages through the creation of high-standard vacuums capable of handling most cleaning tasks. Despite all this, however, most of them are often lacking in some of the most basic advantages that any floor cleaner should have: portability and ease of use.

Adding a unique spin to the idea of manageable and highly maneuverable cleaning machines, backpack vacuum cleaners boast a significant number of benefits that any homeowner would be wise to take into consideration:

  • Backpack vacuums can, first of all, speed up the process of cleaning small rooms and tight places due to their excellent maneuverability.
  • Unlike most types of vacuums, backpack cleaners are supported by long lasting batteries, taking the issue of cord length out of the equation and allowing you to dive deep into even the most challenging of cleaning tasks.
  • Scientists have shown that carrying a moderately lightweight backpack can actually be healthy for the carrier, facilitating a wide array of muscle movements and stimulating back muscles.
  • These cleaners are also quite affordable. Their remarkable power/portability ratio, combined with a comparably lower price than most other vacuums, makes the devices an attractive choice when it comes to budget solutions.
  • A widespread misconception about these devices is that they are not up to par with the highest standards. This is far from the truth, however, since many of them are fitted with modern features such as HEPA filtration, powerful suction or components that promote extremely quiet operation.

Notable Brands

As you will find after only a few minutes of researching these machines on some of the top retail sites on the web, there is definitely no shortage of advanced backpack cleaners out there.

Generally easy to find, these types of vacuums often get a lot of positive feedback. This goes especially for a few of the most well-known manufacturers who have managed to stand out from the crowd over the past few years.

Some of the most reputable brands selling these devices are Oreck, GV and ProHeat; the latter boasting numerous top-rated products available for home use at fairly affordable prices.

If you’re more interested in commercial backpack vacuums, Hoover and Rubbermaid are two more brands that may be worth looking into, both of them offering a remarkable level of quality along with their heavy duty portable vacuums.

As you can see, there’s really no shortage of high end backpack vacuums, and should you wish to get some of the best prices after researching the product of your choice, shopping online will often prove to be the fastest, most practical solution.

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